It’s time once again for another round of Rapid Rad Reviews! For the uninitiated, this column is just what the title suggests: A quick review of some recent comics and whether you should check ‘em out or not. Are they Rad or are they Bad? Read on and find out my opinion on the subject.

Ultimates #7
Written by Jonathan Hickman. Art by Esad Ribic. Marvel Comics

This issue plays the “enemy of my enemy” card as Nick Fury and the gang go to meet with the Celestials and the Eternals of the SEAR (their smaller problem) to try to convince them to aid them in taking out the Children of Tomorrow, lead by Reed Richards (their bigger problem). When Xorn of the Celestials attempts to reach out to Richards, his psychic oracle is attacked and The Children of Tomorrow set their sites on Heaven (the home of both the Celestials and Eternals) as their next place of attack. Meanwhile, another famous A-Lister is dragged back into the fray with some good ol’ fashioned blackmail care of the US government. And when he does, nothing will be the same. This issue follows a similar pattern to the last few issues of Ultimates in that it gives a great hook for the last page that no matter how I felt about the issue as a whole, that last page is guaranteed to bring me back next month. Hickman knows how to do it. The cover, though awesome, pisses me off due to the fact that it doesn’t happen in the book. At no point does Falcon look all badass with 2 assault rifles. I hate it when they do that. Overall, good story and art.

Batman Beyond Unlimted #1
Written by Adam Beechen / Derek Fidolfs and Dustin Nguyen. Art by Norm Breyfogle / Dustin Nguyen. DC Comics

2 stories for the price of one. The first focuses on an influx of Jokerz gangs from outside of Gotham coming to the fair city to stir up shit with the Bat. Someone is controlling them and testing Batman so they can study him. But Who? The second shows the JLB in action with Terry McGinnis leading them on some Gotham gang clean up. But bigger events are in store for the Justice League. Events that will take Batman away from Gotham and Hamilton Hill High where Terry’s girlfriend is in danger. Both tales were entertaining and each ended on a nice little reveal. This book does a great job of capturing the feel of the television series and I’m sure I will be checking out issue 2 of this one.


Amazing Spider-man # 680
Written by Dan Slott and Chris Yost. Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli. Marvel Comics

Not gonna lie. The cover made me buy this one. Spidey in a Spacesuit looks cool. In this story, Spider-man must find a way to get his ass out to space after J Jonah Jameson and Horizon Labs lose contact with John Jameson and his crew at the Apogee 1 Space Station. First stop Peter Parker makes when looking for a shuttle? The Baxter Building, of course. But Sue and Reed are out of town, leaving only Johnny Storm behind. Storm is trying to catch up on the important stuff since returning from “the dead”. But after some coaxing, Spidey convinces him to accompany him to outer space to save the astronauts. When they get there, no surprise here, they get a lot more than they bargained for. I feel the the book was a bit disjointed in it’s storytelling. I feel that some great moments took place between Human Torch and Spider-man, but you had to sit through 2 or 3 lame jokes each time to get to them. Every time they hit their stride and start doing some great “odd couple” type gags, Johnny would do something stupid. Whether it was singing “Friday” or referring to his recommendation for Spidey to join the FF as a “last minute prank”, there are some pretty stupid moments. It’s annoying because subtle jokes like their discussion about the new Doritos flavor and Spider-man’s bursting of Johnny’s “t.v.” bubble are really well done. Thankfully, the main plot line and the tension attached it hold up nicely. It’s just a shame that this story was so muddled in it’s execution. Slott and Yost have both done way better than this. The artwork by Camuncoli is fantastic, except for his version of Peter Parker. His Spider-man looks right on the money. But take him out of the suit and I’m thinking, “Who is that guy?” Not the worst Spider-man story I’ve ever read, but it had the right elements to be so much better.

Well, that brings us to an end of another Rapid Rad Reviews. Feel free to leave your comments. Until next time, keep you’re eyes out of the gutters and take things panel by panel.

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

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