Hey Kids, remember back in the Fall of 2012 when Marvel started rolling out new #1 Titles that gave a number of characters in the Marvel U a “Soft Reboot” under the banner MARVEL NOW? Guess What? They’re doin’ it all again, Baby!

It’s the ALL NEW MARVEL NOW! Over the next few months, I’ll be taking a look at the first issue of each new title as it hits the comics stands. (This only applies to REAL #1 Titles – None of this .Now stuff.) Wanna know if this series seems like a keeper or is destined for the quarter bin of our interest? Sit back and enjoy my analysis. You just might learn something.

(*Note – I was unable to get a copy of Secret Avengers #1. I will give my review of this issue once I get a hold of it.*)

STK633569Captain Marvel #1

Captain Marvel is a book that I would occasionally check out from time to time in it’s previous incarnation. The last time I read it regularly was during the crossover with Avengers Assemble where if Carol used her powers, she’d risk dying. It appears a lot has happened since then as this new series has Carol living in the Statue of Liberty with her former neighbours. But even though it feels like fans just jumping on might be missing a few beats from the last series, a lot of stuff is introduced and there’s no time to worry about what came before or how the Captain came to be living in such cool digs. Turns out we won’t see much of any of that as Captain Marvel is space bound thanks to a mysterious alien life form that fell out of the sky in a stasis pod. Carol’s going on a grand adventure to the stars, putting her life (and a new relationship) on hold. Kelly Sue DeConnick makes this character sing off the page with her writing and David Lopez draws her the way she’s always meant to be drawn. I have a very good feeling about this book and believe it may end up being the action adventure book of the year.

A good amount of action and character packed into Captain Marvel #1.

A good amount of action and character packed into Captain Marvel #1.


DIG017896_2Avengers Undercover #1

Avengers Arena is another title that got away from me (that’s the problem with too many compelling comics out there – choice sometimes can become a burden). It wrapped up in a blaze of glory and those that survived Arcade’s Battle Royale/Hunger Games ripoff are seriously screwed up. Add in the fact that folks recognize them from the internet broadcasting of the Murderworld games and these young heroes are at their breaking point. Some are just trying to deal with it on their own while others are attempting to cash in on some new found fame. Bloodstone on the other hand is only interested in getting revenge and is on the hunt to find Arcade. His journey leads him right into the path of the Masters of Evil which inevitably leads to this rag tag group of messed up supers getting together to find their “friend”. If you liked Avengers Arena, you will probably like this book as it’s not really a brand new series but instead just a continuation of the first series, complete with the same creative team. The difference is that this story might be more compelling to those who didn’t really dig the “young heroes forced to kill each other” angle from the original title. Any book that feature Baron Zemo, even for a page, deserves a read in my opinion.

Even without the cool protective suit, Hazmat is still a bad-ass.

Even without the cool protective suit, Hazmat is still a bad-ass.


Check back here for more ALL NEW MARVEL NOW first issue review. Until then, stay in the NOW!

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