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Geek Hard is the weekly internet radio show that gives you the latest news and reviews for all things Geek! Hosted by Andrew Young and Mr. Green, we cover movies, comics, T.V., DVDs, tech, music, video games, etc. as it relates to Geek Entertainment and Geek Culture! Check us out Friday Nights at 7pm (est) on Reality Radio 101. Check the website’s schedule for show time in your time zone.

Andrew Young (Co Host)

Andrew Young has been involved in the entertainment industry for more than 10 years as a stand up comic, writer, and filmmaker. He has directed, produced and written several short films since 2003, including Chet the Net: Wresting with Swine, and Lactose, both of which have been broadcast on national television, as well as Black Bart, starring Bernard Robichaud, available for viewing online. In 2010, Andrew got his first opportunity to write for television as a member of the team behind This Movie Sucks staring Canadian Comedy Legend Ed the Sock. Andrew was also a featured guest in several episodes. Andrew is currently involved in many projects, including Geek Hard, which he co-hosts and produces with the curmudgeon, Mr. Green.

Mr. Green (Co Host)

The curmudgeon know as Mr. Green was born that way so you better get used to it!

One of his earliest memories is watching the old live action Spider-man show as a very young child. By the time he hit grade school he was watching an average of 50 hours per week of television. While his path in school has taken him down a dark path of boredom in his work life. Mr. Green has never stopped loving the arts. Having worked in theatre and independent film over the years and continues to work on a script that he claims will change the world. Well… if it’s anything like his 100 Bullets or Doctor Who reviews he promised we may never see it. He has also managed to recently complete his Bachelor of Arts in Indignant Cursing to go along with his Masters in Bullshit. Most of which is aimed at his smurf of a co-host Andrew Young.


The Rest of Team Geek Hard


Yuri in the Booth (Tech)

Our technical guru in the booth each week live on Realityradio101.com. He is one of nicest people you will ever meet. Always doing his damnedest each week to make Andrew & Mr. Green sound the way they do and of course keep the ship flying like McGuyver… all he needs is a bubble gum wrapper and a paper clip – voila the Millenium Falcon. Oh yeah there is a rumour that he is from New York.


Brent Chittenden (Columnist)

Brent Chittenden is a freelance writer based out of Ontario, Canada. Beyond Geek Hard, Brent also writes about music for www.alancross.ca and has done work in the past for Bite TV daily website, Rethink Attractions, Explore Music and the long running column Just a Thought for Comic Book Daily. He enjoys comics, movies and really good bbq.


Gavin Stephens (Co Host – Back Issue Bloodbath)

Known for his (really) quick-wit and organic stream of consciousness comedic style, Gavin’s live show consists of surreal crowd work and improv, yet his sharp, innovative and satirical material has garnered him a loyal following on YouTube, twitter, and facebook.

Not contented with just being the star of Canada’s biggest nerd friendly comedy night “NERDGASM”, Gavin was also the reader’s choice winner for best standup comedian from Now Magazine in 2010, and for five seasons was a leader actor and writer on the Gemini-nominated sketch show Comedy Inc. on CTV. A multi-media sensation, Stephens has filmed multiple one-man specials for The Comedy Network, has been a ‘Featured Comedian’ on myspace.com, and appeared at international festivals like Montreal’s Just For Laughs and Austin’s SXSW with indie comedy legends Margaret Cho, Janeane Garofalo and Andy Kindler.

Kris Johnson (Columnist)

When Andrew and Mr. Green need a fill-in co-host this is the man they call. The Tony Stark of Geek Hard, Kris Johnson is a writer, letterer, comic book creator, graphic designer, voice actor and impressionist based out of Pickering, Ontario, Canada. In 2002 he co-founded Bizarre Comics Entertainment with Rich “The Dick” Robbins” and a coupling that will be me met for all time with equal parts laughter and revulsion was born.

Under the Bizarre banner Kris’s work can be seen in the LIL ZOMBY webcomic, SPY GUY IN THUNDERNUTS, and the ongoing PRIVATE DICK series. In the wider world of comics his lettering and logo work has seen publication in such titles as THE ALMIGHTIES, HOWLERS, IF-X, GEEK GIRL, SHORTSTACK, NIGHTMARE IN SLUMBERLAND, and the COMICIZED ONE-PAGER webcomics.

Never one to shirk his geeky duties Kris can tell you who Nien Nunb is without consulting Google. He knows what is best is life, can sing you every cartoon theme song from the 80s and 90s from memory, has watched Hudson Hawk so you never have to, and has beaten every CONTRA game without cheat codes… twice. His dulcet tones can charm a grizzly bear into cooking him a nice salmon dinner as easily as they demonstrate proper use of creative swear words each and every week on the Bizarre Comicast. He cannot be slain by any weapon forged by man.

Follow his misadventures of Twitter @KrisJJohnson or check out much of his comic work at bizarrecomicsonline.com. 


Sarah Young (Columnist)

IMG_3293Sarah Young is a high school teacher with two Bachelor degrees in Education and the Arts. When she is not teaching teenagers in the subjects of Dramatic Arts and English Literature, she can be found reading and writing fiction. Sarah loves comics, theatre, movies and television; particularly movies and shows made by the BBC. It is rumoured that they specifically cater their film and series to her liking. She also loves Superman and is a Captain America enthusiast.


Adam Sikora (Columnist)

AdamSikoraAfter spending his entire life as a pop culture sponge (diggin’ retro before it was retro!), Adam has taken this opportunity to share some of his insights, memories and opinions with a (hopefully) receptive Geek Nation. While a fan of all mediums, Adam has always first & foremost been a “comics guy”, ever since his folks foolishly started buying them for him on his earliest trips to the corner store (some may look like they’ve been hit by a truck, but he’s kept ‘em all…). Based in Toronto with his eternal muse Melissa and a rotating cast of foster animals, Adam has stepped into the full-time writers’ shark tank after ten years in the social services field.  Looking to ditch the “aspiring” tag, Adam is determined to add to his list of performed plays and published stories with more ideas & scripts that now just finally might see that crack of daylight.