Cobra Commander is Dead. Long Live Cobra Commander!

One question : Who the hell is Cobra Commander now?

That’s the main question that surrounds the G.I.Joe relaunch from IDW Press. We’re deep in the midst of “COBRA CIVIL WAR”.  No, this isn’t a fight between Destro and the Baroness on the superhero registration act. This is a contest between the Elite of Cobra Command on who will lead the terrorist organization going forward. The rules: Whoever kills the most Joes wins!

The war is well under way with Issue #3 and the action has been swift and deadly. Snake Eyes has been captured by Vikrim Khallikhan. Alpine’s been shot. And Helix and Iceburg are on the run Up the Himalayas. Will Snake Eyes die at Khallikhan’s hands? Will the Joes get Alpine medical attention before his wound becomes fatal? Will Khallikhan be adding a few more points to his score? Knowing is half the battle and all of my review. Read on.

G.I.Joe #3 (Written By: Chuck Dixon, Art By: Robert Atkins and Augustin Padilla)

As Mentioned in the preamble, Helix and Iceburg are on the run from Cobra. Their on the side of a mountain and their only means of escape it to climb up it. But Helix is torn. She can’t leave Snake Eyes, her mentor, behind. She makes a deal with Iceburg that she’ll cover them til they get to higher ground, then she can go her own way. Meanwhile, Khallikhan attempts to break Snake Eyes’ spirit by ridiculing him for a note he finds on his person from Scarlett. Finding out that Snake has some humanity in him is disappointing to Vikrim. After he takes his leave of him, Snake Eyes makes his move to escape, taking out the detail guarding him. What he doesn’t know is that Khallikhan wants him to. While making his way through the base, Snake Eyes finds his weapons as Vikrim taunts him over the base intercom. He invites him to play a game and deploys two ninja assassins to do battle with. Back on the outside, Iceburg and Alpine have made it up to where their gear is stored and Helix has gone back to attempt a rescue for Snake Eyes. As they reach the top, Iceburg is finally able to contact the Pit (Joe HQ) and fill Scarlett in on the situation. Its at this point that we are informed that at this point, the Joes back at base are still dealing with Zartan. Iceburg plans an evac for himself and Alpine. He states that things might just be looking up for them as the weather has cleared up. Alpine points out that bad weather was their only advantage against the enemy as we see Cobra break out the Trouble Bubbles, which does indeed spell trouble for the Joes.

Overall, another solid issue from Dixon. He’s very much in his element when writing Snake Eyes as he’s mastered his subtle nuances. Khallikhan is developing into a cold and calculated warrior who is a worthy opponent for everybody’s favourite ninja. Helix is also another great character in this book. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, she’s fast becoming one of my favourite Joes. Iceburg also gets some good character moments here as well. Nobody feels like their just there to service the plot, which is equally phenomenal. This game of hunter and prey between Vikrim and Snake Eyes is intriguing. And Helix’s need to be there for Snake Eyes is also handled nicely. Throwing in the continuity of showing Scarlett dealing with the Zartan situation back at base (which leads to the reveal of everyone’s favourite Cobra Ninja) is also handled nicely. Also like previous issues, the art is perfect for this book. Atkins gives us some more great visuals.  Padilla fills in for a few pages and thanks to some great work by Juan Castro (inks) and Simon Gough (Colors), there is a no real noticeable difference in the art.

There wasn’t any new deaths here, but that really doesn’t bother me with this book. We’re dealing with a lot less Joes than with the other two books. With only 4 to choose from, each of which I have no interest in seeing die, I’m glad that the death toll has stayed where it is. I’m looking forward to next issue when we see how fast these ninjas fall and how much damage Helix can do when she re-enters the playing field.

If you like G.I.Joe, or action/adventure comics in general, this is the book to read. Great plot. Great characters. Great Art. It’s a lot of fun and we’re only 3 issues in. So jump on board now.

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

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