Madness in T.O.! This past week, Geek Hard came, saw, and conquered 2011 Fan Expo in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Spirits Soared, Women Swooned, and Gods were Created. Not a bad way to spend 4 days. Here’s what went down.

Andrew with Kris Johnson (center) and The Dick (left) of Bizarre Comics Entertainment

Day 1 – Thursday, August 25th

The show opened to a good sized crowd for the first Thursday start for FanEx. We hit the ground running with some interviews left and right. Ken Baumgartner, Geek Hard’s convention correspondent, got to have a sit down interview with JR of Dallas himself, Larry Hagman, and also got to trade words with Animation designer Kurt Lehner. Andrew also got in the fun as he talked to a rep at the Hasbro booth about the latest Transformer Kre-O brick building kits. He also got the chance to talk with Superstar Artist, Andy Kubert. Even though Andrew asked really nicely, Andy couldn’t reveal anything about the last issue of Flashpoint (which ships this Wednesday, August 31st). To finish off the day. Andrew attended the panel for Clutch the Series, a new web series set in noir crime world full of tough decisions and even tougher Women making them. To check out the series, go to

Abin Sur - The Poor Fellow is Dead. At Least he didn't have to see the whole movie.

Day 2 – Friday, August 26th

The morning kicked off on a high note, as Ken interviewed Michael Biehn about his new film, The Victim, that stars both him and his wife, Jennifer Blanc. Not only does Biehn act in this film, but he was also the writer and director as well. For more on the film, check out The day got even better (or worse, depending on your perspective) when Mr. Green showed up. We bagged a few more interviews in the can, including a talk with DC Co-Publisher, Dan Didio. Andrew and Mr. Green also checked in with their rivals, Teddy Wilson and Ajay Fry from Innerspace (on Space). After a few good jabs, Our heroes left their t.v. counterparts in the dust. Mr. Green then was off to catch a preview of the first hour of the new Steven Spielberg produced series, Terra Nova, which will be premiering on Fox on September 26th. Andrew and Mr. Green ended the night off with a trip to the Qwesty Awards – a dubious achievement award show akin to the Razzies, but this one celebrates comic book conundrums. Fantastic performances were given by The Nerd Rock Band, Kirby Kracle, as well as former Geek Hard Guests Gavin Stephens and Nerds with Guitars. The show itself was organized and hosted by another Geek Hard Alum, The Naked Nerd, Katherine Curtis. Good times were had by all.

Andrew rockin' out with Scott Pilgrim

Ken finds Slash

Day 3 – Saturday, August 27th

Operating now on no sleep, our heroes entered the convention hall and took the time to talk with the many great people that make this show possible – fans and creators. Both Andrew and Mr. Green spent some time in Artists’ Alley and took in the great art in all forms that were available. Ken roamed the lobby and interviewed many of the colourful characters represented by cosplayers. Hands were shook, jokes were told, comics were bought. The day was capped off by an interview with some of the cast of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. Andrew and Mr. Green chatted with Maggie Castle, former Geek Hard guest Melanie Leishman, and 2010 Geek Hard Guest of the Year, CHRIS LEAVINS! The boys talked with these actors at length on what to expect from season 2 and were even treated to a little song and dance as well.  Check out Todd and the Book Pure Evil when it comes to DVD on October 11th, and check out Season 2 on Space on October 23rd!

Mr. Green on Day 4 - Nuff Said

Day 4 – Sunday, August 28th

This is when Geek Hard ran the gauntlet. The last day of any convention is when the most interviews get done. Ken and Mr. Green were able to get time with Doug Bradley, Lance Henriksen, and Lloyd Kaufman (of Troma). But that wasn’t all. Andrew and Mr. Green returned to the Space Channel booth to talk with former Geek Hard guest, Robin Dunne. Shortly after the start of the interview, Mr. Green mentioned Robin’s habit of dropping his pants. After a bit of goading, Mr. Dunne did  just that. But he wasn’t alone. Showing solidarity, Andrew dropped trou as well. After about 30 seconds, better judgement won out and both men returned their pants to their rightful places. The day was finished off with an Interview with Comic Writer, James Robinson. Andrew asked him about his breakthrough series, Starman, and about the newly announced Justice Society Book he’ll be writing with Nicola Scott on art. The perfect end to a crazy day.

So that’s all the news that’s fit to print. Thank you to everyone who took the time to talk with us. Special thanks goes out the following:

Ken Baumgartner – great work on the mic. Cosplayers be warned.
Kris Johnson and The Dick of Bizarre Comics Entertainment – Thanks for being the official sponsors of Geek Hard’s coverage of Fan Expo
Nicola and everybody at Space – Thanks for not calling the cops when we dropped our pants.
Vanessa Andres and the media relations office for Fan Expo – We’ll see you again next year?

We got videos and more pics on the way at our Youtube channel and facebook page. Stay Tuned.

From Andrew and Mr. Green – “If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!”