Well, another 5 months has come and gone, so you know what that means. That’s right. Kick-Ass 2 has finally put out another issue. Kick-Ass 2 Issue 3, by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr., is on the stands. At least they’re keeping things consistent with the 5 month intervals. Enough bitchin’ about lateness. On with the review.

As always, the book opens with a detail synopsis to catch you up on the last issue – Previously: Dave Lizewski is living out his dream in a team of superheroes….and they’ve caught themselves a bad guy.

This takes us to where we left off last issue. The make-shift Justice Society – proudly calling themselves Justice Forever – has burst into a gangster’s hideout that’s the home of a local prostitution ring and they got the gangster by the balls. Literally. Colonel Stars, who is leading this rag-tag group of do-gooders, has his dog latched onto the pimps privates and is threatening him with his gun. The crew is able to get all the info they need. They free the girls and let the hood keeps his balls, letting him off with a warning. It’s after that the Colonel reveals to Kick-Ass that his and his partner’s guns are not loaded. Kick-Ass has found his mentor.

In a series of panels that resemble scenes from the documentary, Superheroes, Justice Forever is shown patrolling the streets and helping out the homeless (working soup kitchens, delivering food,…etc.). It’s around this time that Dave’s Father finds his uniform and Dave has to come clean about being Kick-Ass. This confrontation ends badly, with Dave running away.

The final scene of the story shows the Colonel back at the Justice Forever Hideout. He’s just finishing up putting in the “new” team round table when disaster hits. Disaster in the form of Red Mist and his new crew of villains. They take out Colonel Stars and his dog with ease and proceed to trash the place. It’s here where Red Mist reveals his new name….which you’ll have to read the book to find out. The last couple of pages show how messed up Mist has gotten and what grotesque things he’s willing to do to set off Kick-Ass. But he might not be the only one set off, as Mindy (aka Hit-Girl) sits at home and sees the news reel of the horrific slaughter left on the Red Mist’s wake. This might beckon the return of everyone’s favorite little psychopath.

This issue was all business. There was action. There was fluid story-telling. There was great character development. And they still managed to get to take it to that really dark place where the sick and twisted. Millar does a great job of making you forget that it takes so long for the book to come out. And even though the book has a fast and flashy feel to it, there is still portions where the book slows down and gives you the time to feel the weight of a scene. When the Colonel gets destroyed near the end of the book, you feel it. The artwork is a great help with this. JR JR really gets Millar’s pacing and style. The Splash page of Dave’s father holding the Kick-Ass suit says volumes. The disappointment can be seen clearly in his eyes.

The only question I have is the tag-line on the front : This Book Saves Lives! How? Is some of the proceeds of the book going to charity? Is the book encouraging people to join the Real Life Super-Hero movement and go work in soup kitchens or feed the homeless. As usual, the tag-line doesn’t really fit in my opinion. But hey, if it catches peoples’ eyes, whatever.

As I said in the last review for Kick-Ass 2 (if you can remember back that far) keep reading ’cause it’s building towards something. Well now we’re getting there and hopefully it will be as awesome as they letting on it will be. And hey, we may not have to wait that long to read it. The book was recently given a shipping schedule where the issues will be six weeks a part. I believe that when I see it, but one can dream.

So pick up Kick-Ass 2 Issue 3 today.

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Apparently, this book saves lives. SO YOU BETTER BUY IT!