Okay since we’re off this week I thought I would do a little news round up of some articles I found that made go hmmm.

13 Year Old Genius

13 year old Aidan Dwyer has used the Fibonacci sequence to help improve solar power inefficiency. His discovery can increase solar power efficiency by 20-50%. I wish I had been this inventive and productive at his age.

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13-Year-Old Looks at Trees, Makes Solar Power Breakthrough

What Happened to Peter Bishop?

What’s Fringe going to be like without Peter Bishop come this fall? Well Joshua Jackson gives a brief update on the situation. Have no fear I doubt it will last very long 6-7 episodes tops before he begins to reappear.

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Joshua Jackson talks about a world without Peter on Fringe

How Marty Met Doc

Come on… it’s cool to be a fan of a movie and want to know everything. Hell I’ve been there a few times but did we really need to know what amounts to… Marty “Hey”, Doc “Hey”, Marty “Cool now we’re friends let’s go rebuild a DeLorean into a time machine.” Somethings do not need to be explained.

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The Origin Of Marty And Doc’s Friendship in ‘Back to the Future’ Finally Explained