You read that right. NO EPISODE of Geek Hard will be airing this Friday, August 19th.

“Why?” you may ask. “Was it something we said or did that we are being punished for?” Let me assure you that it’s nothing of the sort. There are many factors as to why we are airing a new episode this week. Something any you have said or done is not one of those factors.

No, our main reason we’re not on this week lies with our man of mystery who sits behind the board, makes the intros at the top of the show, and makes sure we sound so sweet as we talk to you. I’m talking of course about our man, Yuri. As I mentioned, Yuri is an international man of mystery. And so, when his country calls on him, Yuri must go and “fight the good fight” for the betterment of us all. So this week, Yuri has been deployed into his home of origin, the United States of America, to take care of an every growing problems – Ninjas. That’s right. Ninjas. Yuri will be fighting Ninjas all week, and because of that, will not be back in time to do the show. And if there’s one person we can’t do the show without, it’s Yuri. Andrew and Mr. Green may come and go, but Yuri is forever! Since we can’t show you Yuri as he fights Ninjas, here’s a visual aid to give you a general idea:

God Speed, Yuri. May you return with your shield, or on it!

So no show this week. This turns out to be great news for our Mr. Green, as he is knee deep in movies right now ’cause he opened his big mouth and said he’d get his self-inflicted movie challenge done by Labour Day. So good luck to Green aswell, as he battles with his netflix.

Geek Hard will return with a new episode on Friday, August 26th, at the usual time of 7pm eastern (4pm pacific) with all the news and reviews that you’ve come to expect. We’ll be talking about Kevin Smith’s new film, Red State, as well as the new Conan movie hitting screens. And don’t forget the upcoming launch of the new 52 from DC. And much more. So be sure to listen to on the evening of August 26th, when Geek Hard Returns!

In the meantime, enjoy your vacation. Andrew sure as hell will.

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!