Okay this marks the official end of the challenge. I was only able to watch 11 movies over the course 4 weeks. However I really enjoyed the experience (for the most part…still trying to get Burlesque out of my head)  so I am planning on continuing the challenge . The only difference will be that I will be updating as I go with no set timelines.

Starting August 1st until Labour Day Monday I will be partaking in my own challenge. To watch as many consecutive films that I have never seen before with the exception of those I need to review for the show.

But wait that’s not all…

To make it more interesting I plan to abide by the following rules:

  1. Only watch movies that connect to the previous film by actor.
  2. The actor in both movies must have a least one speaking line to qualify. (no face time cameos)
  3. Films must have had a theatrical release somewhere in the world.
  4. Only one movie at a time, I can not preplan my films. (so I will only look to the next film once finished then find the next based on the available actors.)
  5. I cannot re-watch a film that I have already seen.
  6. I can only use Kevin Bacon, Samuel L. Jackson, Steve Buscemi & Christopher Walken as the bridge from film to film only once. (they can still be in the film but not be used more then once as the connection)
  7. Document every film, a brief rating of it and how I linked to and from the movies on either side of it.
  8. If for any reason that I cannot link to another movie due to not finding an actor to link with, can not find a copy of the film within 72 hours I will have failed and the challenge ends.

There are a great many films I have seen but don’t worry there are plenty of films I haven’t seen and many will surprise you.


Mr. Green
(P.S. – Nathan ye of little faith, you can bite me! 🙂 )

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

The films so far…

  1. Fritz Lang’s M (1931) – A well thought out and ahead of it’s time thriller and great piece of film history. RENT IT — Peter Lorre
  2. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) – A fun little parable about man’s ignorance of what it for a peaceful world. RENT IT — James Mason
  3. The Boys From Brazil (1978) – Great film with a very cool premise & Gregory Peck is awesome to watch. BUY IT — Denholm Elliot
  4. The Razor’s Edge (1984) – Boy did that suck. Bill Murray I love you but you should have never done it. SKIP IT — Bill Murray
  5. Get Low (2009) – Great character peice with many great performances by the entire cast Duval shines. BUY IT — Robert Duvall
  6. Joe Kidd (1972) – This just proves that they should have made a Jonah Hex film back when Clint could have played him. Old school bad ass western… Clint shines. RENT IT — Dick Van Patten
  7. West World (1973) – Typical of Crichton’s work. Would have benefited from a better director but still some good ideas. RENT IT — James Brolin
  8. Burlesque (2010) – Absolutely nothing to write home about here. My head still hurts. Was typical Hollywood happy ending story. SKIP IT — Kristen Bell
  9. Scream 4 (2011) – Well it only took 2 crappy sequels to get to this point. This is where they needed to go in the first sequel. However they really need some new blood involved in writing the story. RENT IT — Anna Paquin
  10. Trick r Treat (2007) – Much in the vein of Creepshow done better. 4 interlocking stories all take place on Halloween in Ohio. Really liked the story structure and how all the stories relate to each other. BUY IT — Brian Cox
  11. The Ringer (2005) – Not nearly as offensive as I thought going in. Knoxville is trying to put something together here but it doesn’t quite get there. Maybe if the Farrelly’s had actually directed it this may have been worthwhile and less predictable. SKIP IT — Johnny Knoxville

Deuces Wild (2002) Johnny Knoxville
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