Summer is over.

I know that Fall doesn’t officially begin until September 21st, but with Labor Day come and gone and the new t.v. season on the horizon, it’s safe to say that the lazy days of Summer are pretty much done.

We had some good times these past few months. The onrush of super-hero films brought a couple of great hits (and one big miss, but we don’t talk about that one). DC and Marvel pushed on with big summer events – one of which has led into a whole new identity for it’s entire line. Conventions came. Conventions went. Time has pushed on. And Geek Hard covered most of it. I say most of it ’cause there were a few things that slipped through the cracks. Whatever the reasons, whether it be their releases conflicted with other big movies or comics or that they came out when we were not on air, there were some great bits of entertainment that were left in the dust. Enjoyable projects that deserved our attention. So I’m here to right this injustice. Here’s a quick list of stuff from this past summer that you should check out:

Movie Releases

Zoe Saldana kicks ass in Columbiana

This Luc Besson written and co-produced film is very much along the lines the films that brought him to the dance. Directed by Olivier Megaton, Zoe Saldana plays Cataleya, a young woman who saw her parents murdered infront of her when she was just a child. She grows up to become a hitman and searches for vengeance against Marco, the man responsible for her parents death. It’s your standard revenge pic plot, and is nothing new for Besson and company, but it delivers in its action sequences. Saldana is not given a great deal of dialogue, but she sure does get to kick the shit out of a lot of people in this movie, and looks very good doing so. Check it out in a theatre near you.

Moses and His Boys are Taking Names in Attack the Block

Attack the Block
Like it says on the poster for this british sci-fi flick, its “Inner City vs Outer Space”. The Directorial debut of Joe Cornish, this british film shows us why even creatures from another planet better not fuck with the kids from this block. This film mixes great action with well played comedy and all on a low budget style. But that’s what great about this film. There’s no outlandish special effects to rest the movie on. Instead you have great characters, a great story, and some old school suspense building. A friend of mine said that this was the new “Goonies”. I think that if the Goonies met up with Moses and his crew, they wouldn’t last a second, even if they had Sloth with them. These boys are hardcore. This film was released in North America at the end of July in limited release, so you might have to wait til DVD for it. But trust me, don’t rent this film. Buy it! It’s badass. It’s funny. Nuff said.


Rainn Wilson takes a Wrench to the Face of Crime in Super

Written and Directed by James Gunn, and starring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, and Liv Tyler, this Super-hero satire focuses on Frank, a regular guy who transforms himself into The Crimson Bolt when his wife falls off the wagon and into the arms of a drug dealer, played by Kevin Bacon. Along the way, he’s assisted by Page, a manic comic shop employee who becomes his sidekick, Boltie. The film had a very limited release earlier this year and kind of fell off the radar. For a Black Comedy, Wilson’s performance brings a great deal of weight to the character of Frank. But the real star is Page. Some of the funniest lines I have heard in a film this year. Bacon is also great, but I think that’s because he was born to play a sleaze bag. Supporting cast is good with Michael Rooker acting as Bacon’s right hand man. But the best cameo in the film goes out to Nathan Fillion. Without giving anything away, I would call Fillion’s roll as the spiritual inspiration for the Crimson Bolt. Rent this if you want a good laugh.


A fantastic anthology that pays homage to the Dave Stevens Creation

Rocketeer Adventures
This 4 issue mini-series from IDW wrapped up last week, but copies are still probably available at your local comic shop. An Anthology series of Rocketeer stories by a slew of great creators. If you like the Rocketeer, or if you’re a big fan of WW2 era mystery men stories, you’ll enjoy this comic. Each of the many creators, including Darwyn Cooke, Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross, and others, do a great job of maintaining true to the original series by Dave Stevens. Each story is only a few pages long with 3 or 4 stories per issues. It’s great nostalgic fun. Pick up the issues where you buy comics or wait for the trade, which is due to come out in late fall.

Just 'cause Bucky's dead, doesn't mean we can't read about how awesome he is!

Captain America and Bucky
Back in July, Cap got a brand new series with Ed Brubaker still at the helm and Steve McNiven on art chores. But what about the series he already had? Brubaker’s still writing this one as well. And that’s not all, it’s a WW2 book staring Steve Rogers and the future winter soldier, Bucky Barnes. There’s only been a couple of issues released so far, but we’ve already been treated to a great retelling of Bucky’s origin. As a long time Cap fan, this book really makes up for some of the bullshit that we’ve been treated to – Like the death of Bucky in Fear Itself and the Loeb and Sale “Captain America White” series that never happened.  I’m really looking forward to the Winter Soldier stories Brubaker has planned. If you’re a Captain America fan and you are not buying this book, there is something wrong with you. Go pick up the latest issue right now!

So I’m glad I got that off my chest. Be sure to check out these great titles and more…..or I’ll turn you into a Fucking Tree! (another gem this summer has brought us).

And If you’re gonna geek out , GEEK HARD!