This week, we bring you the action!

No, we’re not talking about “Mr. Green with a tub of butter” type action. We talking about action in the entertainment variety (cause that action with Green is no one’s idea of entertaining). We’ve jam packed this show with a little adventure for everyone.

First up, Andrew and Mr. Green will be joined by filmmaker Mark Cheng. They’ll be talking about Operation : Red Retrieval, a G.I.Joe Fan Film that Mark is currently working on as well as his history in the world of indie film.

Operation : Red Retreival - A G.I.Joe Fan Film by Mark Cheng

Here’s a quick bio on Mark:

Mark Cheng is an artist, a web developer, a technologist, a filmmaker and, above all, a hard worker. He is based in New York/New Jersey. Mark graduated from Cornell University’s cinema program and has worked on television commercials, music videos, interstitials, and industrials. Mark’s film work include the short, Deployment Strategy, which toured the festival circuit garnering nearly a dozen awards and was picked up for distribution in 2008, as well as Operation : Red Retrieval, a G.I.Joe Fan Film that is currently in post-production. Mark also continues to work as a web developer as the Technical Product Manager for both MTV and Nickelodeon’s websites.

Here’s the trailer for Operation : Red Retrieval

For more info on this G.I.Joe Fan Film, check out his Website and Facebook Page.

Mr. Green is especially interested as he’s looking for a few good men to join his stand against his rival, Cobra Commander. Will Mark  know half the battle, or is he more allied with the Cobra Elite.

And speaking of the elite, Andrew and Mr. Green will also be giving their review of Killer Elite, the latest action film staring Jason Statham, Clive Owen, and Robert DeNiro. “Why?” you may ask. Because Mr. Green got to pick the damn movie. Will this film be the piece of shit that Andrew expects to be, or will it not suck that much? Listen as we give an un-biased review on this week’s show.

All this, plus the news and reviews that you’ve come to expect, on Geek Hard – LIVE! Friday night at 7pm (Eastern) on – Listening is half the battle!

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