Cobra Commander is Dead. Long Live Cobra Commander!

One question : Who the hell is Cobra Commander now?

That’s the main question that surrounds the G.I.Joe relaunch from IDW Press. We’re deep in the midst of “COBRA CIVIL WAR”. No, this isn’t a fight between Destro and the Baroness on the superhero registration act. This is a contest between the Elite of Cobra Command on who will lead the terrorist organization going forward. The rules: Whoever kills the most Joes wins!

It’s the 7th of Issue of Snake Eyes, and with only one month to go until the reveal of the big winner of the prize that is cobra command, the action is getting hot and heavy. The Madness Bug, a deadly virus created by cobra scientist and leadership candidate Dr. Rodrigo Vargas, has wreaked havoc on Zimbabwe, and Duke and Snake Eyes are on the hunt for the cure. After exposing Vargas to his own deadly bug, they have enlisted his help to procure an antidote. But Duke is also infected and the question remains, will he hold out in time for the cure? Knowing is half the battle and all of my review. Read On.

Snake Eyes # 7 (Written by Chuck Dixon, Art by Casey Maloney

The Cover to a very Snake Eyes Christmas...oh no, wait. It's Snake Eyes #7

Snake Eyes, Duke, young recruit Lighthorse, and Kwinn, a man who owes Snake Eyes a favor, sneak the good doctor back into his facilities in Albania to locate the antidote. Once inside, it isn’t long before Cobra knows something’s up and The Joes are stuck between hell and a hard place. It’s at this time that Vargas reveals that there is no antidote and that this whole journey was a snipe hunt designed to keep himself alive for the time being. Duke, feeling the effects of the virus and the heavy toll of the antibiotics he’s taking to lessen the symtoms, is just about to give up. But Lighthorse refuses to roll over just yet. He gets the remaining doctors and techs in the lab they’re holed up in to try to create an antibody from a strain of the bug. Meanwhile, the shadow counsel that will name the next Cobra Commander, who at one point were highly impressed with the plague Vargas unleashed, now debate on destroying the facility in order to stop Duke and Snake, who’re racing into a war against a squad of toxo-vipers.

This issue was a bit hit and miss with me. While I am glad that Dixon is continuing to move this story along (something I have criticized Mike Costa of not doing in Cobra), He really appears to be putting action beats over characterization in this issue. While the established characters are acting as they should, it almost feels we’re seeing them move in fast-forward. The pacing works to a point as we are supposed to feel the tension of the time being lost and the possibility that Duke might not make it, but I feel that nobody really got a moment to shine in this issue. It is still an entertaining read, but missing the strong resonance of character that has been throughout the book previously.

Maloney’s art is as good as last issue. I continue to be hard on the art due to the fact that Robert Atkins (who delivered another fine cover for this issue) did such a great job on the first story arc. Still missing Atkins is all I’m saying.

Just an issue of Cobra left before the big reveal in the next issue of G.I.Joe. I’m excited and I’m still wondering how Dixon and company will wrap everything up in time for this story’s conclusion. Just a few more weeks and I will have my answer.

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

They Continue to Tease me with Another Fine Atkins Cover