Yes, it has come once again.

Legends have warned of this day. A day when Geek Hard would not be airing. That day is this Friday. And what a very sad day it will be.

“And what has brought on this madness?”, you may ask. Well, there is a simple answer. Yuri, the lovable announcer and engineer that keeps the show running on the interwebs, will be returning to his native land, the Americas (New York to be specific), to celebrate a time-honored tradition of this holiday season. A time to give thanks. That’s right, Yuri will be celebrating BLACK FRIDAY! By far, one of the scariest retail shopping days of the year. For those who have never seen Black Friday before in the flesh, here is a photo to help you grasp the weight of what this trek entails.

So due to our main man behind the boards partaking in the battle of Christmas Shopping Madness, we will be unable to grace you with our hilarious and informative opinions this week.

But FEAR NOT! Geek Hard will return at it’s usual time (7pm Eastern on on Friday, December 2nd, to deliver another fine program jam-packed with geeky goodness. There’ll be guests! There’ll by Movie Reviews! There’ll be everything you’ve come to expect from the old program.

In the meantime, Geek Hard will be bringing you written reviews and videos to tide you over until next week.

One video you might not have had the chance to see yet is Mr. Green’s sit down interview with Lance Henriksen from this past year’s Fan Expo. Check it out here:


Also, take the time this week to enter the 2nd Annual Geek Hard Christmas Stocking GIVE-A-WAY Contest. All it takes is one email with 3 correct answers and you’re eligible. Check out here for details.

So keep checking back to the website for more nerdy fun and be sure to join us Friday, December 2nd at 7pm Eastern when Geek Hard returns to

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Andrew and Mr. Green are sorry they will not be with you this week, but they'll be back to tickle you geek bone next did that end up sounding dirty?