Dear “I’m too afraid to post my name because I’m a coward”

These are my opinions alone. This is for those who are part of the Nerd Mafia or were affected by today’s commentary.

After the events of today I was ready to walk away from this issue. I was mentioned personally but not hurt by today’s “comments” however I know others who felt the sting more then me. So I  can’t help but write this.

I have been on both ends of this issue in my past. Neither one is fun to be on, so why someone would choose this is really baffling. I have seen people be hurt by far less and in some cases that has been my fault and others. What I learned over the years of not being a perfect human being is that no one is. We all make mistakes we all say things we eventually regret. But this, today is heinous and reprehensible. To feel the need to take the time to personally attack people for no other reason then your own shortcomings is… well bat-shit crazy. What’s worse this individual has decided to take the “high moral road” and hide behind a false identity. Only one word fits… bully.

For someone claiming that the group is a bunch of bullies, abusers, elitists etc you don’t make a good case by personally attacking people. It really is too bad that not everyone gets along in life. It’s too bad people fight with each other. It’s too bad people feel they need to bully others. So for that reason I dare you to stand up and take a bow and feel free to respond to this. Because this is your one and only chance. After this I will never be willing to communicate with you again. If I see you coming I will walk away. You try to engage me in conversation online I will block you. Can you understand what I’m saying here? You have the weekend to stand up and deal with this. I hope you are happy with yourself, you must make your parents proud.

I refused to be bullied by anyone. If this offends you then to fucking bad.

Lastly to the Nerd Mafia. While this situation is not my doing I hope that everyone can learn to move past this stupidity and be a better group without this person. The group is  better without a person like this and has many great people involved. Way better then what is indicated today.

Good night and good luck. Long live the Mafia!

James Green (Mr. Green)

If you or someone you know is being bullied please check the link for more information.
Bullying Prevention: Nature and Extent of Bullying in Canada