Hey Gang,

Andrew here, back again with some yuletide cheer care of Youtube! I will be posting a vid every Thursday leading up to Christmas. These are vids that’re my picks of some of the best in holiday-themed videos out there. They’ll make you laugh and may even put you in the Christmas Spirit.

Before I get into this week’s pick, if you haven’t checked out last week’s offering, go check it out now!

Week 1 – Henry and Glenn Forever X-Mas Special

All caught up? Good. Now onto this week’s video.


If you’ve gotten the chance to check out my holiday gift guide, you know that I am a fan of Smodimations. What are Smodimations? Why, they’re cartoon shorts animated to excerpts of Smodcast, the podcast staring Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier that started playing the interwebs back in 2007. Season 1 had a great clamation episode that dissected the Rankin-Bass Specials like The Year without a Santa Claus. This year’s holiday cartoon features Kev and Mos Mixing Christmas with two of my favourite Characters: Conan and G.I.Joe. Watch as they poke fun at the real American Hero and the Cimmerian Warrior, and even throw in a small tribute to Snoopy and the Peanuts gang. Check it out below.

SModimation Season 2 #8- SMod Bless Us, Everyone!

For more Smodimations and Smodcast, go to SMODCAST.COM