Hello Folks,

Andrew Young back once again to get you ready for the holidays with some good cheer and some holiday fun. And where else would the fun be but on Youtube? I will be posting a vid every Thursday leading up to Christmas. These are vids that’re my picks of some of the best in holiday-themed videos out there. They’ll make you laugh and may even put you in the Christmas Spirit.

This is the 3rd week as we’ve already seen 2 cartoons full of yuletide joy. For those that have not seen these great picks, check out the links below:

Week 1 – Henry and Glenn Forever X-Mas Special

Week 2 – Smodimations Season 2 #8 – Smod Bless Us, Everyone!

Funny, weren’t they. Now on with this week’s selection.

Our video for this week is our first live-action piece for this year’s offerings. Youtube has become a great place for video sketch troops to form and present their stuff, and Team Unicorn, an all girl sketch troop, is a prime example. Formed last year, Team Unicorn explain their name with the slogan, “Because like Unicorns, Geek Girls are not suppose to Exist.” Over this past year, they have made countless videos that play with geek culture, including this selection from last December, where they take the most popular holiday and mix it with another popular genre of the past few years – Zombies. In this parody of a 1950s instructional video, the girls explain how you can still make “spirits bright” during Christmas, even after the Zombie Apocalypse. So kick back, have an eggnog, and enjoy this fun Christmas vid from the gals at Team Unicorn.

A Very Zombie Holiday (Instructional Video)

For more vids from Team Unicorn, check out their youtube channel.

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Team Unicorn gives you all the right info to make a Zombie Infested Holiday a Rockin' Good Time!