Cobra Commander is Dead. Long Live Cobra Commander!

This past month, the question was finally answered? Now we come to the end of the Cobra Civil War Story. A new Cobra Commander has taken power. G.I.Joe just barely made it out of this
whole ordeal, losing many of their personnel as well as their main bases of operations. But where does Cobra do now?

In the 8th Issue of Cobra, we get a small glimpse of the answer to that question. We also get a few more questions answered by the end of this issue. Like, where does Major Bludd stand now that his bid for Commander has slipped from his grasp? And what of the fate of Chameleon – the Cobra-turned-Joe who last we saw in a firefight where Black-Out (The Cobra mole better known as Steeler) got his ticket punched by the bullet meant for her. Did she make it out of thatbloody mess? Knowing is half the battle and all of my review. Read On.

Cobra #8 (Written by Mike Costa, Art by Antonio Fuso and Werther Dell’edera)

The issue begins with the fate of Chameleon. After the getting shot, she was retreived by the Joes and her life was saved. When she comes to, she’s in a hospital bed getting debriefed by a generic military type. He explains to her the aftermath of the shootout and how a squad attempted to take down Blacklight, the assasin who tried to snipe her, to no avail. Blacklight’s getaway is right out of a big budget action film, with the excitement and carnage that was missing through most of the preceeding issues. Meanwhile, back in Cobra territory, Major Bludd and Tomax go for another round of their classic banter. Bludd is still angered by his loss of Cobra Command. He feels toat Krake stole it from him. Tomax essentially tells him to man up and shut up and reveals that not all is lost. The new Cobra regime plans to reward Bludd for all his work in the drug trade and will now be supporting his endeavors. As for Serpentor and the Baroness – The new Cobra Commander has plans for them both as a new era dawns for the Snakes.

This issue pretty much felt like “wrap-up” to me. There was a great deal of everyone sitting around, giving out exposition that explains to the reader where they’ll fit into the next story-arc. With the
exception of Blacklight’s escape, which was by far the best action sequence I have seen in a comic for the past few months, most of the issue falls flat. Characters come of as weaker versions of themselves. Bludd resembles like a wounded dog looking for table scraps. Baroness has been reduced to a foot soldier who is obliged to follow her new master. Serpentor is powerless with no hold on the current Commander. The only person who appears to be in a better place is Tomax, who seems to have gotten his balls back. While I didn’t find the path Costa took to get these characters where they are, I do find it intriguing that the mighty have fallen and now seem more desparate. Even though the Civil War is now over, these characters may be even more dangerous to their leader now that their flaws are out in the open.

Once again, I know I’ve gone back and forth on the art style, but I really think that Fuso has established the moody feel needed for this book. That is why it’s slightly jarring when Dell’edera’s pages are mixed in. From the outset, it appears really close in style, but it’s just enough to not feel right.

Was the Civil War Story a success? In the sense of breathing new life into IDW’s Joe Universe, definitely. The only problem for all 3 books (G.I.Joe, Snake-Eyes and Cobra) was that the story felt rushed overall. There was a slow build going the first few issues that seemed to be thrown out the window. It’s like they woke up mid-way through the fall and went, “Shit, we’re suppose to finish this story by February!” From then on, it was a mad dash to the finish line. And probably the book that was affected the most by this was Cobra. To fully understand the reprocussions in the book, you had to be reading G.I.Joe. And even then, the winner of the war was only featured a hand full of times in that book. But even with this slightly unfulfilling ending, I still feel all 3 titles are enjoyable overall and I will continue reading each to see where the “Cobra Command” story arc will take our Real American Hero and I encourage you all to do the same. This is the best G.I.Joe we’ve had in years and I want to see it stick around.

Thanks to everyone who checked in with me each week as I bitched about the status of this storyline. This was my last review of a G.I.Joe comic for at least the next little while. But keep checking back here for more rantings from a true comic fan.

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