Hello Friends, and welcome to week 2 of a Geek Hard Holiday Tradition: Our Annual Gift Guide. Each week leading up to the big day (Christmas for those that need it spelled out for them), Mr. Green and I will be sharing our suggestions on what to get that geeky loved one in your life. Whether you’re looking for something in the $20 range or if you’re looking for something more extravagant, we’ve got ideas! Mr. Green set the bar high with last week’s offering. I hope that my suggestions will match the expectations of all the fellow geeks out there.

So without further ado, here are some great gift ideas for the nerd in all of us.

Eric Powell The Goon Christmas Burlesque Print – $10.00

Powell put it best himself when it said it was the best festive item “to hang on your wall that has the Goon and boobies on it!” Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Smodimations Season 1 DVD – $14.99

I praised this disk previously on our site and I have no problem doing so again here. This is a collection of some of the finest cartoons based on one of the most popular podcasts out there , SMODCAST, with Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. These shorts were originally released via the interwebs, but now they’re all together on one DVD for your viewing pleasure. You don’t want to Forgeticus about this one!

Monkey Minion Press Propaganda Prints – $20.00

For any fanboy who wants to make a statement. These large prints drawn by artist Dane Ault, cover the spectrum of Nerdom. Whether you’re a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Captain America, Zatanna, or Doctor Who, these posters will show that you are a member of the nerd army. We’re looking for a few good dorks!

Shawn Vs. Bret: WWE’s Greatest Rivalries DVD – $21.99

For the wrestling fan in your home, this DVD collection shows that not all feuds in the squared circle are scripted. Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart are considered the 2 greatest wrestlers in WWE history, but their disputes behind the scenes lead to a falling out that resulted in the most controversial pay-per-view match in wrestling history, known to some fans as “The day that Wresting Died”. In an in-depth, sit down interview, Shawn and Bret share stories of their matches, disputes, and eventual reconciliation ending a 13-plus year discord. Also included in this set is a ton of matches between the two men – some never before released on DVD! The Heart Break Kid, The Excellence of Execution. Wrestling at it’s finest.


Bizarre Comics’ “Macho Man” Men’s Heavyweight T-Shirt – $22.00

He was the Tower of Power, too Sweet to Sour! He Soared with the Eagles and Slithered with the Snakes, and been in all parts between. Even though the Macho Man is in the big ring in the sky, he still lives on in our hearts. And he can live on your chest with this glowing tribute in shirt form. The Macho Man T-Shirt is one of many Fan-Shirts available from Bizarre Comic’s extensive catalogue. You can also get Lando, Evil Spock, Worf, and any one of an assortment of Doctor Who, to name a few. But if you want to Take the Standing 8 Count and be a Macho Maniac, I suggest you go with the shirt above.

Pac-Man Bank (with Sound) – $24.95

This 5” x 5” x 5” Coin Bank is just the thing for the retro gamer in your household. Every time you insert a coin, you get to hear classic Pac-Man Sound-Effects! Also, you’ll know you’re money is safe, ’cause who’d wanna mess with Pac-Man?

Nerd Do Well: A Small Boy’s Journey to Becoming a Big Kid (Hardcover) – $27.50

The Autobiography of Simon Pegg, released earlier this year, is bound to have more than one story that any of us nerds can relate to. Even though he made that abomination that was Paul, he still has a boatload of geek cred. Read about his love of sci-fi, his long friendship with hetero-lifemate Nick Frost and his adolescent foray into stand-up. All this and more awaits between the covers.

Morning Glories Vol. 1 Hardcover – $39.00

One of the best comics currently being printed gets the oversized hardcover treatment with this collection of its first 12 issues. Written by Nick Spencer with art by Joe Eisma and published by Image Comics, it is the story of a group of students starting at Morning Glory Academy, a private school with an ominous past. As the students find they are trapped and at the will of the faculty there, they slowly begin to uncover a mystery that gives more questions then answers as they fight for their lives to unravel it. Packed with tons of extras, this is the book for any comic fan that has become board with formulaic story telling.

Stan Lee’s How to Write Comics – $45.00

If you read my review of this book last month, you know that it is an extensive look at the art of comic writing from Stan the Man himself, as well as a plethora of talent from the industry. For the aspiring writer and comic ethusiast, this book will take you upward and onward! Excelsior!

Director Clock – $59.95

It’s not only a great digital clock that gives you the time and date, but it’s also a working clapstick shaped to look like a director’s clapboard. In fact, clapping the board stops the alarm! Any film buff would get a kick out this.

Captain America Hoodie – $59.99

Lounge-wear designed for a Super-Soldier. Get comfortable in this hoodie that will make you look like the Sentinel of Liberty. Nothing makes an Avengers Cartoon Marathon go down smoother than hanging out in these cool threads.

Batman Arkham City – $59.99

I know I slag the Caped Crusader on a regular basis, but even I know that this is a cool game. A sequel to the awesome Arkham Asylum, this game is bigger and better as you fight the Bat’s rogues gallery throughout the streets of Gotham. Good times to be had, old chum.

The Rocketeer : The Complete Deluxe Edition – $75.00

This hardcover edition was originally offered a couple of years back, but it’s still in print and it still makes a great gift. IDW collects all the Rocketeer stories into on book and fills it with 100 additional pages of sketches, concept art, pinups and more! And it’s all printed from the original artwork, so it’s the cleanest looking reproduction ever released of the work. Dave Stevens gave us a hero to believe and these stories still hold up as fun and hopeful adventure.

Richard Stark’s Parker: The Martini Edition (Hardcover) – $75.00

For the more gritty comics fan, this one’s a little less on the hopeful adventure and more on the booze, broads, and bullets. Adapting the first two novels from the Parker Series – The Hunter and The Outfit – Cartoonist Darwyn Cooke brings you the hard-boiled stories as they’re meant to be seen. For any fan of film noir genre, this is some of the greatest work in graphic fiction out there. So bloody, yet so classy.

Planet Earth: Limited Edition Blu ray Box Set – $99.99

Narrated by David Attenborough, this groundbreaking television series from 2006 is collected in its entirety and comes in this stylish globe and comes with a set of art cards. New extras and commentaries abound on this Special Edition. It’s Ed-u-tainment!

Daredevil Polystone Statue – $269.99

This Comicquette from Sideshow Collectibles is another in a long line of fantastic Daredevil Statues produced by this company. I love the detail on this piece. It’s the perfect item to celebrate DD’s return to greatness! Looking at it almost makes me forget those years of pain at the hands of Diggle.

Star Wars: The Blueprints Limited Edition Hardcover – $500.00

Ever wanted to build all the props from the original Star Wars Trilogy and shoot everything again so you could put the films back to the way they were suppose to be seen. Well, now you’re half-way there with this limited edition book that has all the original blueprints to the various props and sets from the films we hold so dear. They’re authentic and straight from the Lucasfilm Archives. With a Limited Run of 5,000 copies, this is sure to be the collectors item of collectors items! And think, how cool would it be to build an AT-AT?


So that’s all I got for this installment. Be back next Wednesday as Mr. Green shows you some more of the finest in Geek Fare! Christmas is all about the giving, so get givin’ while you can!

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!