This week, we mine the bowels of the holiday season to bring you another fine, Nerd Approved, 90 minute Christmas Extravaganza.

That’s right. It’s the “Geeks of Christmas Past” Special, and it’s coming to you LIVE, this Friday on Andrew and Mr. Green will be taking a look at some holiday specials, putting them under the microscope and letting know if they’re safe for festive consumption. Specials from great franchises like G.I.Joe, Peanuts, Star Wars, and more! Will these specials live up to their hallowed names? Listen this Friday to find out.

But the guys won’t be alone! Joining our dynamic duo on the show will be another nerdy pairing that is known as Nerds With Guitars. These nerd-folk prophets will be live and in studio for the whole show to play a couple of songs and make merry! Perhaps they may even join Andrew in the unveiling of this year’s Geek Hard Christmas Song.

Here’s a little video of NWG rocking out! Enjoy.

All this, plus the winner of the Geek Hard Christmas Stocking GIVE-A-WAY Contest will be revealed! There’s still one more day to enter – contest closes at 11:59pm on Wednesday, December 7th.

So get in the Christmas Spirit by listening to the “Geeks of Christmas Past” Special, LIVE, this Friday @ 7pm Eastern (4pm Pacific) on It’ll be 90 minutes of awesome that’ll fill your hearts with joy……….joy not guaranteed.

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!