Hello folks,

As we get closer to Christmas, we come even closer to the announcement of the Winner of Geek Hard’s 2nd Annual Stocking GIVE-A-WAY Contest. This Friday, December 9th, in fact, on our “Geeks of Christmas Past” 90 minute Special (7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific on www.realityradio101.com), we will announce the winner and pour upon the praise they deserve for correctly answering our questions 3.

Don’t know what I’m talkin’ bout? Well you’re out of the loop, aren’t you?

It’s the 2nd Annual Geek Hard Christmas Stocking Prize GIVE-A-WAY!

The Prize: A Christmas Stocking Full of Goodies just for you (if you win)!

This Stocking Contains:
•    JLA Classified Classic Green Lantern Figure (None of that Movie Shit)
    •    Star Wars Clone Wars Jawa Figures (In honor of the Jawa Pedal reference in our Star Wars Day T.O. Episode)
    •    Ultimate Spider-man #160 (The Death of Spider-man….well, not the real one)
    •    G.I.Joe: Cobra #12 (The Death of Cobra Commander – Who came on our show the same week of his death. What a trooper)
    •    Starman #81 (The Blackest Night Special featuring The Shade – Written by James Robinson)
    •    Spy Guy in “Thundernuts” Graphic Novel (Provided Courtesy of Bizarre Comics)
    •    Grim on DVD (Directed by Adrian Santiago and provided courtesy of Troma Entertainment)
    •    The He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special DVD (Classic 80s Entertainment)
    •    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom on DVD (Classic 80s Cinema)
    •    A miniature Jayne Cobb Hat (Courtesy of Yarn of Despair)

But That’s not all. 2 NEW items have been added!

1st up is the first volume of one of Andrew’s favourite comics to come out in the past few years:

morning glories Volume 1 : for a better future

This is the tale of Morning Glory Academy, one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country. But behind it hollowed halls, a more sinister agenda is at hand. When 6 new students, each with their own talents and baggage, arrive, they become trapped and desperately seeking answers. What will happen to them as they stuck in a place where nothing is what it seems to be? Written by Nick Spencer with art by Joe Eisma and stunning covers by Rodin Esquejo, these first six issue will take you on a trip full of action, murder, and higher learning.

But that’s not all!

We also fill you’re Super-hero Throw-downs with the DVD offering of:


Originally offered as part of the HULK vs. 2 pack back in 2009, this 45 minute feature is now available in it’s own special edition DVD, complete with commentaries and featurettes on both the making of this film as well as the comics that inspired it. Nothing says GEEKMAS like watching Hulk Smash and Thor Thunder!

All you have to do is follow the directions below and all this and more can be yours!

And much more!

All these lovely items can be yours and all it takes is answering 3 questions correctly. Here’s what you have to do:

1. Email Andrew and Mr. Green at geekhardshow@gmail.com

2. Answer the 3 following questions:

•    a) In The Muppets Family Christmas, what famous Sesame Street Character does

         The Swedish Chef attempt to cook for Christmas Dinner?

•    b) What 3rd Tier Peanuts Character is the star of I want a dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown!

•    c) In The Grinch who stole Christmas, When the Grinch figures out the true meaning of

         Christmas, how many sizes does his heart grow?

3. Include your mailing address in your email entry.

4. Entries must be received by 11:59pm on Wednesday, December 7th.

5. Listen to Geek Hard’s “Geeks of Christmas Past” Special on Friday, December 9th (Live at 7pm Eastern on www.realityradio101.com) where we will announce the winner. The Winner’s name will also be posted on this site on Sunday, December 11th.

So send your answers in before and you might get a whole stocking full of goodies from your favourite Online Radio Show!

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!