Okay so it appears that since last Thursday we broke the internet!

Kaput. Nada. Nothing to see here.

Well, okay maybe we didn’t break the internet but we certainly had a major malfunction here on the site as some of you may have noticed. This was 100% not our fault this time. Sure Andrew is short and I like to take my time doing things but I promise we were not involved in this chaos. The good news is of course we are back up online and will continue to serve you each and every week like we have been doing these past 2 short years. There are some kinks to work out and some old ones too but we are working fast to resolve these.

Have no fear, articles are being written currently besides this post to get us back on track. Also since we have now switched hosts and are working with people who don’t disappear and not return emails or phone calls we will be fine. At least until the zombie apocalypse or the hamster invasion or… well you get the point.

Sincerely 100% not his fault,

Mr. Green

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

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