Well, here we are at start of another year.

At the start of what will be our 3rd year on the air, I find myself looking back on the year that was 2011 and at all we accomplished. 48 Episodes, 40 guests on the show, countless interviews at conventions and special events, and a whole lot of fun!

It’s been an exciting year. Whether I’ve been blessed with the job of yukking it up with the cast of Being Human or cursed with having to talk Mr. Green down from the ledge after seeing Green Lantern, I have had the time of my life. And I would say that Mr. Green did too. He made a few friends (like Lance Henriksen!) and a few enemies (Cobra Commander and Kris Johnson to name a few), but through it all, he’s been a dutiful side kick. We both feel pretty lucky for all the cool people we’ve met throughout the year and I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you.

This dude's seen better days!

Mr. Green – Without you, life would probably get boring. How could I always be right if you were not there to always be wrong. All kidding aside, you are the best co-host a guy could ask for. HARD RRRR!

Gary La Barr (aka Yuri) and Reality Radio 101 – Thank you so much for giving us a place to vent our frustrations about comics and movies and to praise true artistry when we find it. It is a joy to come to your studio every week and do our show. And what would our show be without the fantastic intros. Godspeed Yuri!

Candice Fischer – One of the many unsung heroes of our show. Thank you for the work on our special projects this year (the poster for Meaghan Rath and the Annual Geekmas Card). Both turned out excellent. And thanks especially for the hardest job of all. You are the only person on the planet who has to put up with Green’s antics more than I do. You are a true saint.

Gavin Stephens – Always a pleasure. You’ve been a delight both on and off the show. I look forward to our continuing projects in 2012. I can’t wait for every one to share in Nerdy Little Secret when it hits their town.

Nerds with Guitars – Alex and Sean are like the little brothers I never had if I never had a little brother. Two very talented guys who like Geek Hard almost as much as me and Mr. Green do. You guys rocked the Christmas Song this year….can’t wait till Christmas 2012 for our next collaboration.

Ken Baumgartner – No Geek Hard Con Coverage would be complete without Ken making the jokes with the Cosplayers. Thanks for the work at the shows and thanks for the hook up with Dan Brereton. P.S. Scott Thompson is looking for a new pool boy and I forwarded him your resume.

Andrea, Nicola, and everyone at the SPACE PR department – Thanks again for setting us up with some killer interviews this year. It was great seeing you guys at Fan Expo. Keep sending us these great guests and will keep pimpin’ your shows!

Andrew Gurudata – Arguably the nicest man in Fandom. Thank you for having us present at this year’s Constellation Awards. It was a lot of fun. The show was a blast.

Brent Chittenden – It’s always great to talk with you because you sum up exactly what I want to say perfectly, I don’t even have to say it. Looking forward to your new column on our Website – Fear and Loathing in Geekdom – starting very soon!

Trista Devries – Thank you for finally making our website look like a real website. And it’s always fun to talk movies with you.

Kat Curtis doling out the "Love" after an episode.

Katherine Curtis of the Naked News – It’s fun to watch you run. Best of luck and well wishes to you, Art Carney and Art Jr.

Kris Johnson – I now know that if Mr. Green falls off the “butter wagon” ever again, you’re just a phone call away. Best fill-in co-host of 2011. And Keep up the good work at Bizarre Comics Entertainment.

Cobra Commander – Words Cannot describe what you mean to me. You are a true leader and an excellent marksmen. Mr. Green still limps on rainy days.

Anthony Darko – Thanks for making my show Darko free since January. I would say you were missed but I don’t want to sully my writing with lies.

Nathan Young – Thanks for holding that camera for as long as you could. You have been missed greatly.

The Nerd Mafia – Thanks for your continued support. And thanks for making it easy to meet a bunch of potential guests all in one room. Cheers.

Matt Throop – Polaris Camera-work rocked. Nuff said.

The Cast of Being Human - BEST. INTERVIEW. EVER!

Meaghan Rath – Thank you for always being available for an interview. I’ve really enjoyed our chats and I’m looking forward to making “Ginger Snaps 11”. I hope that the marriage proposal is still being considered.

The Cast and Creators of Todd and the Book of Pure EvilThanks for the many interviews. It’s always fun to talk to any of you. We love the show and are happy to talk about it on our program.

Ed the Sock and Liana K – Thanks for being frequent guests on our show. It’s always good to have the nerd cred you lend us. Hope that this year’s Futurecon Rocked.

Mr. Green trying to stop the inevitable.

Robin Dunne – Thanks for letting me join you in one of your pants-dropping adventures. You can take over Green’s spot any day.

All of the guests from this past year Chris Leavins, Jeff Brown, Robb Pratt, Gareb Shamus, Andrew Parker, Alice Quinn of Tdot Comics, Ryan Robbins, Tom Neely, Fraser Young, Sasha James, Jeff Sinasac, Darryl Shaw, Michael McNamara of Fanboy Confessional, “Fearless” Fred Kennedy of Big Sexy Comics, Author Adrienne Kress, James Armstrong of Fan Expo, Andrew Uys and everyone from Uysfaber, Craig David Wallace, Chad Blakely, John Torres and Sally Christensen, Mark Cheng of Operation Red Retrival, Brigitte Kingsley, Nug Nahrgang, Brian Posehn, Pat Thornton, Bill Turnbull, J Torres, and Dan Brereton – Thanks for taking the time to come on our show and talk to with us. Without you, we’d just be talking to ourselves.

Everyone who we got to talk to at conventions – You have also provided us with some fantastic content. Keep it up.

The many conventions and special events that had us in 2011 – Thanks for the invite and we’ll hopefully see you all again this year!

Everyone who listend to the show on Friday nights, checked out the articles on our website, or watch the videos we posted – You guys are the reason we do it and we hope you’ve liked everything thus far….the best is yet to come.

So keep checking back with us here for more Insanity, and keep listening to Geek Hard – LIVE every Friday night at 7pm Eastern (4pm Pacific) on the stations where rock an roll will never die, www.realityradio101.com!

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Happy Times in 2011. More to come in 2012!