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This Friday’s show, Andrew and Mr. Green talk about two things they love: Comedy and Wrestling (at least Andrew loves them). Joining the boys via phone will be Pat Driscoll, the creator and one of the writers of Undisputed, a television pilot that goes behind the scenes of a wrestling show and takes you “beyond the mat”. Instead of “wrestling with shadows”, you’ll be wrestling with laughs. Here’s more on the show’s premise:

Matthew Reso is the new head writer of the American Wrestling Federation, and his first pay per view is right around the corner. Unfortunately, his boss is a lunatic, his writers are full of seemingly terrible ideas, and the old head writer is super pissed…and WAY BIGGER.

Driscoll will talk with us about how the show came about, working with some great wrestlers, and what will become of the series. We may even get his picks for Wrestlemania. Check out the pilot (in 3 parts) on the Undisputed Show Youtube Channel.

But that’s not all! The boys will also chime in on what they think of Raiding the Lost Ark, the latest “Filmumentary” from Jamie Benning. Uploaded to Vimeo this past month, this is the “Ultimate Info-tainment” version of the Indiana Jones Classic, with commentary, behind-the-scenes features, and trivia built right into the viewing experience. Will Andrew and Mr. Green learn a thing or two they didn’t know or toss it out of the plane like yesterday’s snake? Listen to find out.

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