It’s time once again for another round of Rapid Rad Reviews! For the uninitiated, this column is just what the title suggests: A quick review of some recent comics and whether you should check ‘em out or not. Are they Rad or are they Bad? Read on and find out my opinion on the subject.

Snake Eyes #11
Written by Chuck Dixon. Art by Alex Cal and Beni Lobel. IDW Publishing

Cobra Command, the current event that has crossed over all 3 of the G.I.Joe titles, comes to it’s climax in the latest issue of Snake Eyes as the silent ninja finally has his confrontation with Storm Shadow in the Southeast Asian country of Nanzhao and Scarlett is left with the heavy decision of dropping major ordinance on half the country to destroy the Cobra B.A.T.S. threat. The action is fast and heavy and the tension is high in this issue. The climax feels a tad anti-climactic but I believe that was the intended purpose. The battle with Cobra is secondary in both storylines within this issue’s pages as we focus on the question of survival for the Joes still in the country and the threat that these missiles pose to them as well as  the conflict between the former Arashikage clan members. There are a few twists and turns, but everything appears to be on the up and up as standard Joe fair. The art of Alex Cal continues to look good in this installment, but you know I would still prefer it if Robert Atkins returned the book (which if I’ve been reading my Diamond Previews right, that should be very soon). If you’ve been enjoying the Cobra Command story so far, I think you will be happy with it’s outcome in this book. Check it out.

Infinite Vacation #4
Written by Nick Spencer. Art by Christina Ward. Image Comics

If you’ve been following this mini series, you know that it’s a little freaky at times, but plays with the idea of traveling through the dimensions quite well. The concept behind Infinite Vacation is that there are multiple realities and on the ones you exist in, and for the right price, you can swap out and take your copy’s place and have a little vacation from your life. And for even more cash, you can purchase that life from your other self and start anew in a whole new universe. The problem for Mark is that he’s been singled out by someone high up in the Vacation’s board and all of his copies have been targeted as they are trying to erase him from each of the existences. Mark has to flee to one timeline and find the courage to become the hero. When he finally does, the odds are even more dire, but he’s got a plan now and with a little help from what’s left of the hacker version of himself, he just might be able to save both himself and the girl who’s been trying to help him. That’s the best I can do on explaining this one. As with most Nick Spencer titles, it’s a complicated tale that to fully understand, you have to experience it for yourself. Ward’s art is really on display in this one as a few double page spreads are used to full advantage here. I am looking forward to the climax and thanks to Spencer’s abilities, I have no idea how our hero is going to get out of this one. Great book. I suggest tracking down the first 3 issues as well as this one if you haven’t already.

The Goon #38
Story and Art by Eric Powell. Colours by Dave Stewart. Dark Horse Comics

The thing that always amazes me about the The Goon is that while most issues are hilarious, action comedy stories, Powell is fantastic at switching gears and telling a heartfelt story that hits you right in the gut. In this issue, we get an origin story for Kizzie, The Goon’s mother. We see her life from a little girl up to her time as the strong woman in the circus. There are points that are very dramatic and the last line, as The Goon pays his respects, tugs at the heart strings and almost brought a tear to my eye. If you aren’t reading The Goon, you are doing yourself a great disservice. The story is always tight. The art is fun and engaging. And the subject matter, while sometimes risque, is always very intelligent. If your comic shop is not carrying this book, you need to pre-order it today. You won’t regret it. More people should be reading this book and this issue alone reinterates that fact.

Well, that brings us to an end of another Rapid Rad Reviews. Feel free to leave your comments. Until next time, keep you’re eyes out of the gutters and take things panel by panel.

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!