Mr. Green makes a special friend.

I sit here today on a Monday afternoon trying to write down my thoughts and recollections of the past weekend’s adventure at the Toronto ComiCon presented by Fan Expo and all that keeps coming to mind is that there was a hell of a LOT of Convention crammed into just 2 days. And Geek Hard tried it’s best to get a taste of all of it, so that you, the reader/viewer/listener, could enjoy the event vicariously through our stories and videos.  I (Fearless Leader Andrew Young), along with my band of merry men – Mr. Green and Convention Correspondent Ken Baumgartner, did our best to make sure no stone was left unturned. We sucked all the marrow out of that con and then some! There will be video evidence surfacing in the next few days, but for now, I will attempt to give an overview of what transpired in the bowels of the Metro Convention Centre South Building.

Day 1 began with some technical difficulties (which still have not been fully rectified) that almost derailed our coverage even before it began. Thankfully some compromises were made and we made due with what we had. Nothing would stop us on our journey. After that was out of the way, myself and my incorrigible co-host were off to catch the Constellation Awards Nominee Announcement Panel, hosted by awards show organizer Andrew Gurudata and Innerspace Host Ajay Fry.  This is a fan voted awards held at Polaris, Toronto’s summer Sci Fi Convention. If you would like to cast your ballot, go to the Constellation Awards Website. There are some great nominations and I can’t wait until July to see who wins.

Andew Young talking with Jason Eisner - Director of Hobo with a Shotgun

The rest of the day was filled with Ken and I getting some fun interviews with Hobo With a Shotgun Director Jason Eisner, actors Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine from Revenge of the Nerds, and comic creators Jeff Lemire and Paolo Rivera. It was a real pleasure talking to Rivera and getting to gush over how much I love his current run on Daredevil with Mark Waid and Marcos Martin. He was a gentleman as always and took compliments graciously. That pretty much ended out the day. Other highlights included our camera man attempting to make a waitress laugh and Mr. Green remembering that he forgot to bring a bag of cheese with him.

Reading tweets with Bruce Boxleitner

Day 2 was a whirlwind of excitement as we had no tech problems and got straight to the interviews. Ken got some face time with the beautiful Tia Carrere and Mr. Green was on fire as he ran the interview gauntlet with actors Robert Picardo, Aaron Ashmore, and Bruce Boxleitner. I myself checked in with our buddy, Fearless Fred Kennedy to talk about his comic book, Teuton, as well as his love of George R.R. Martin. I also got to speak with comic artist Agnes Garbowska who is not only a great talent, she’s also a delight to interview.

Ken can scratch another interview off his bucket list.

Then it was time to walk the halls in search of cool costumes as Ken Baumgartner did his thing with the many cosplayers at the event. Mr. Green and I also got taken hostage during this time by the 501st Legion but we were able to convince them to let us go (the force is strong with us from time to time). After a brief lunch and a run in with my rival, Teddy Wilson of Innerspace, it was time to get the last interview and call it a day.

That interview was with the great John de Lancie. Mr. Green and John spoke about his storied career from Days of Our Lives to present. It was the perfect way to end the con for us and a good experience overall.

It was also great to see the many friends we’ve gotten to know from Con after Con, especially Miss Lisa Bell of Nerdbiskit, Jen Giammarco of Sparklegirl, and our boys Kris Johnson and The Dick from Bizarre Comics Entertainment. There are many other great people, too many to list here, that we also had a good time seeing. To everyone, keep geeking hard. See you all again at the Wizard World Toronto Comic Con.

In case you were wondering, Mr. Green never did remember to bring that bag of cheese.

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!


Andrew Young and Paolo Rivera talk Daredevil and how he's AWESOME!