Even Daleks look nicer next to that curmudgeon Mr. Green

It’s another Monday evening after a Convention. And like most Monday’s of this nature, I find myself still trying to find the energy to fully process the sights and sounds I took in this past Saturday and Sunday. There were highs. There were lows. Spirits soared, women swooned and Gods were created….not a bad way to spend a weekend.

While many comic and entertainment enthusiasts were partaking of the fruits of the Windy City with C2E2, us Canadian fanboys and fangirls were treated to the Wizard World Toronto Comic Con. And like most cons in the GTA, Geek Hard was there to see it all and report back to you and yours about the happenings of the day. I, Andrew Young, your fearless leader, joined by the usual supspects – Mr. Green and Convention Correspondent Ken Baumgartner – walked in the battle of fandom and came back winners. Video and Audio is on the way, but for now, let me tell you about the Wizard World that was.

The Cast of Being Human sporting jackets from UD Replicas.

The show started out much better than our last excursion as there were no technical difficulties to worry about. We were set and ready to go at the start of the show. After getting the lay of the land, we stopped by the UD Replicas Booth to maintain the tradition of talking with the David Pea, the hardest working man in leather goods and a good friend of the show, to find out the latest wares in Movie Replica Motorcycle Suits. Later on, we walked through the vast Artists’ Alley and Mr. Green got to talk to one of his favorite Comic Creators, the Fastest artist Alive, Francis Manapul. After Francis talked Flash and Mr. Green tried to hide the tent pitched in his pants, it was time to move on to the panel room.

We got to take in only 2 panels for the weekend. One was the tail end of the Q&A with WWE Superstar Edge. The other was with a trio of jokers who we’ve had the pleasure of talking with before: Sam Huntington, Sam Witwer, and the 2011 Geek Hard Froggy Award Winner for Guest of the Year, Meaghan Rath. In a Q&A moderated by my bitter rival, Teddy Wilson of InnerSPACE, the three entertained and informed the many fans with stories and tidbits looking back on Season 2 of Being Human. After the panel, we waited for our interview with them as many fans got their time to meet the actors and get autographs and photos galore. It was a bit of a wait, but it was worth it. The interview was just as fun as expected. After asking a few questions about the series (and for some reason mixing up the words “season” and “episode”) I got the chance to present Rath with her Froggy Award as well as an additional Froggy for each of them for winning the 2011 Geek Hard Video Interview of the Year. I finished the interview by messing with Witwer (you’ll have to wait for the video to see how) and then we were off again. It was a busy day 1 and we followed it up with a even busier day 2.

Andrew and The Honky Tonk Man together again and this time with sound

As the Sunday began, Ken and myself hit the Artists’ Alley with a force, grabbing interviews with industry greats like John McCrea, Jock, David Mack, and Mike Deodato. Mr. Green also got the chance to talk with Eureka star Colin Ferguson. It was a brief interlude, but I get the feeling that Geek Hard will get the chance to talk with him again in the very near future. But for me, the highlight of my Day 2 was getting a second chance at interviewing the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time! For long time followers of our show, it’s known that in the early days of Geek Hard, I had an encounter with WWE Legend, The Honky Tonk Man and, unfortunately due to tech difficulties, I came out of it without the audio to prove it. Well that was not the case this time as I got to shake, rattle and roll with Honky Tonk as we talked wrestling, singing, movies and some of his “favorite” people. He was a lot of fun and gave us a great show promo as well.

Not sure what Ken was saying to John McCrea here, but he was passionate!

We also got the chance to talk wtih some cool indie creators and cosplayers alike. At the end of Day 2, we walked away with some great footage in the can and a few laughs from the day we had. As I said before, it’s all over but the editing.

I want to thank the many people who made our weekend a good one. First of which is the guests and comic creators who took the time to talk with us. I’d also like to thank our good friends in Fandom who we always love to see at the cons we go to: Kris Johnson and the Dick of Bizarre Comics Entertainment, Geek Hard Columnist and all around good guy Brent Chittenden, Alice Quinn and the great folks at Tdot Comics, Andrew Gurudata and the Constellations Awards committee, Tom Boy Tara Creator Emily Ragozzino, Jeff Brown of Dorkshelf, Bee, Art Carney, Art Jr. and all the other jokers that make the days all the more fun.

Finally, a big thank you to Wizard World for letting us cover the show. My only hope for next year is that they don’t put it on the same weekend as C2E2. It’s just one wish, but it’s a big one.

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Geek Hard 2011 Guest of the Year Meaghan Rath hanging with The Dark Lord.