I just finished 100 Bullets vol 4 trade paperback.

I know, I know, I’m late to the party but it’s not like I didn’t try to get there earlier.

I’m a huge fan of noir and crime novels and films as well comics. Hell’ I’m even a fan of everything else I’ve read of Brian Azzarello. I even hosted a panel where he kind of made fun of me and frightened me a little bit (Brian is an extremely nice guy but you really get the sense from him that if he is the real deal and not to be fucked with). But I could never get past the art in the 100 Bullets trades.

Well to be more precise, the paper stock.

It’s kind of cheap and it makes dark colors and the black inks really black. I have a very similar issue with the Scalped trades.

For whatever reason, the first two trades never really grabbed me and there they sat on my shelf, waiting to be traded in for something else.

Then a few months ago, the series began a covert campaign to grab my attention. A stream of events that I’m almost positive were NOT coincidental began to happen to me and I felt I should tell the rest of you.

The first thing that happened was Spaceman.

I very rarely pick up floppies (at the current moment I have a grand total of 4 on my pull list) but for whatever reason, Spaceman called out to me. It’s awesome. I love the main character of Orson, a man bi-engineered for Mars missions, and what I’m grasping of the story has got me very locked in.  The slang that’s used in Spaceman takes a little getting used to, sort of like when you read a manga printed the same way it is in Japan.  It take a few pages to get the hang of it but it’s worth it. Without saying too much, Orson gets caught up in a kidnapping plot and a lot of plans all go to shit. It’s been a great read of which I’m pretty sure will be one of those titles that will become a fantastic read when it’s finished and I can mow them all down in one sitting.

Spaceman is, of course, by the 100 Bullets team of Azzarello and Eduardo Risso. I began thinking I should give 100 Bullets another shot but dismissed it again. I should also note, very similar paper stock.

Then came Mr. Green (one of the creators of this fine website you’re currently at).

Mr. Green and I see eye to eye on many things in film and music but oddly comics is one of those subjects we’re hit and miss with. We like a lot of the same creators but we don’t follow the same books. So we’re sitting at a Nerd Mafia pub night (I think) chatting over beers when somehow the subject of 100 Bullets came up.  I mentioned the paper stock issue I had with the trades and how it bothered me. Green had a brilliant take on it. 100 Bullets should be treated kind of like the pulp novels of the past of which I’m very fond of. They should be a bit dirty. The pages shouldn’t be shiny or clean. The paper stock actually adds to the style of the book. This outlook once again piqued my interest.

The final straw came the other day when I went to my new comic shop.  The girlfriend and I got  ourselves a new place to live and we’re going to be there for quite awhile, so it was time to move to a new store.  The store is pretty good so far and has a great selection of used trades.

Including a very large chunk of 100 Bullets.

For cheap.

Needing something to read (all my trades and comics are currently packed), I bought volume 3. It was a price I couldn’t resist.

And damn it, if it wasn’t volume 3 that completely hooked me. There is something about Loop’s story I really enjoyed and it made me curious enough to buy volume 4 the very next day. I love the art. I love the story. Green was right. Pete DeCourcy (who tried to  get me to read it years ago) was right. This book is great!

Somewhere out there, I get the feeling that Azzarello and Risso are in a dark room holding the fingers like marionettes laughing at a figure of me cackling “Dance puppet dance!”.

But at least the book is solid.

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Cover to 100 Bullets #16 - Hang Up on the Hang Low Part 2


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