This week, we celebrate an extremely geeky Friday!

The wait is over. The week that Marvel Zombies have been counting down the days  for is finally here! That’s right. This Friday marks the release of The Avengers. And Geek Hard will be giving you their review, but they won’t do it alone. Since Andrew can’t rely on Mr. Green to actually know what he’s talking about when it comes to Avengers, he’s calling in back up. Joining the boys in studio for the whole show will be Bizarre Comics Entertainment’s own Kris Johnson. Listen as Kris and Andrew carefully dissect the finer points of Earth’s Mightiest Film while Mr. Green tries not to confuse a widow’s bite with a repulsor ray. And speaking of the Widow. look to the right of this text for a pic of our favourite super spy.


But that’s not all. This Saturday is also Free Comic Book Day, a day when comic shops all over the world provide special free copies of specific comics as picked by the retailers. It’s a chance to try out new content from comic companies you’ve never looked at before as well as enjoy free copies from you’re favourite brands. Not sure what’s available? Listen to the program to get a preview of all the goodies that will hit the stores this Saturday. We’ll share our picks and which ones to avoid. All to make your Free Comic Book Day Experience the best it can be. I don’t have a specific graphic at the ready, so why don’t we just enjoy another fine photo of miss Scarlett Johansson portraying our favourite S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent.


But that’s still not all. As it is International Star Wars Day this Friday (May the 4th be with you!) we will also be sharing our thoughts on the space opera that shaped a generation of sci-fi fans around the world. Listen you must. Learn you will.

I know I should show a pic that’s Star Wars related here, but I’m just going to go ahead and show another Black Widow pic at the bottom of the page.

All this, plus the news and reviews that you’ve come to expect, right here on Geek Hard. Listen LIVE! This Friday night at 7pm Eastern, on the station where Rock is cheap but Grooving speaks louder than words, Listen and enjoy as we nerd it up and geek our hearts out.

Cause if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

I'm sure that word means Avengers...TRUST ME!

I told you I'd put one more Widow Pic. I don't lie.