Sometimes Big Shows have small beginnings.

This Friday’s episode of Geek Hard is for both the science geeks and cool kids as we review a big summer movie and talk with a fun guest who’s got a geeky hobby or two.

On the show this week, Andrew and Mr. Green welcome Aliya-Jasmine Sovani to the program to talk about entertainment media. You may know Aliya-Jasmine from MTV Canada where she both hosts and produces various shows, but it seems these days, she’s popping up everywhere. We’ll be chatting with her about her career as well as her comic book collection that boasts a few silver age comics as well as some seventies and eighties classics. Here’s a quick bio on Aliya-Jasmine.

Aliya-Jasmine Sovani is a TV Host & Producer.
She is currently the NHL’s playoff reporter for the daily “Stanley Cup Countdown”, and the anchor & segment producer of MTV News. She also hosts the hit talk show 1 girl 5 gays on MTV Canada and LOGO TV in the USA. AJ can also be seen as a field reporter for the Discovery Channel, correspondent for CTV News Channel, and Toronto’s 24-hour Breaking News CP24. Also recognized for her work at the Olympics as the Whistler Reporter for CTV’s Olympic Morning show during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic games, and multiple Television-documentaries on youth issues in Africa and Haiti.
She was selected as one of HELLO! Magazine’s 50 most beautiful Canadians, and multiple years appeared in the National Post newspaper’s Worthy-30 to watch lists. In addition to working on a Gemini Award winning show, and interviewing everyone from Tom Cruise to Kanye West, HER PASSION remains bringing world-youth & social issues stories to life including the documentaries she’s filmed in the Sudan & Haiti after the earthquake.

But that’s not all. Geek Hard goes to the movies once again and this time they’ll be covering Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel. Will this be like it’s slow building, claustraphobic predecessor that thrilled and chilled in all the right places? Or will it just be another disappointing retread of cinema that’s been done to death? Time will tell. Listen to the show on Friday to find out.

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Aliya-Jasmine Sovani showing her "tough" side.


Prometheus: Will it be Alien-Lite?