It’s all about Scots and Canucks this week!

On this Friday’s show, Andrew welcomes back his co-host who suffered a great fall, Mr. Green. Apparently, there was success in putting him back together again. But he won’t be the only one joining us.

We will be talking about forgotten heroes of a Canadian variety as we’ll be joined in the studio by Hope Nicholson, Associate Producer on Lost Heroes, a documentary due to air the SuperChannel next year that focuses on the history of Canadian Superheroes. Listen as our humble hosts get schooled on the finer points on some of the fictional defenders of our home and native land. Knowledge will abound! Here’s some more info on the upcoming doc:

Nazis, Ice Queens, Ether People! Lost Heroes is a feature documentary set to air on Super Channel in 2013. We explore the history of the great Canadian superheroes, from Johnny Canuck to Captain Canuck. Currently in production.
Lost Heroes explores the past of the Canadian superhero, from the golden age when millions of children read the tales of Inuit goddess Nelvana of the Northern Lights, to the thrilling days when Canadian superheroes returned to the newstands with Captain Canuck and Cerebus. Lost Heroes celebrates the unique Canadian talent behind these characters and asks why can’t Canada keep their heroes?

For more info on the film, check out their facebook page and follow them on twitter.

But that’s not all! Geek Hard heads back to the movies to see the latest from Pixar, Brave, which opens in theatres this Friday. Will this Highland tale be one to take your kids to (or just yourself if you don’t have kids) or will it be the animation giant’s fall from grace. Listen to find out as we get ready to compete for our own hands with this one.

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Scotland the Brave? We'll find out, won't we.