The Battle rages on.

It’s Earth’s Mightiest vs. the Children of the Atom. The Phoenix is coming which is reason enough for Hero and Mutant to clash and the Marvel Universe will never be the same again! And Geek Hard will be there to report on the battles and advise on the aftermath (well, I will, at least). No issue will be forgotten and no plot point left unturned. Hard hitting analysis will ensue. Consider this you’re Avengers vs. X-men Post show.

Took her down with the dreaded "SKRAK" kick.

This was another week with no issue of the main AvsX title. It happens. That’s okay ’cause we still got something fun to read. It’s been a whole month since VS. graced the shelves, so let’s get down to the Hero vs. Mutant Action!

Last Issue of this series was awesome! If you remember, it was the issue that really turned the series around for me. My biggest fear about this installment was that it would lose it’s momentum and go back to being just okay. I see my fears were unwarranted after reading Issue #4 and seeing 2 great fights unfold.

The First Fight (Daredevil vs. Psylocke) is brought to us by Rick Remender and Brandon Peterson. As fans of Uncanny X-Force know, Remender is no stranger to Psylocke. But to the best of my knowledge, I don’t think he’s ever had the opportunity to write Daredevil before. You wouldn’t know it from reading this 10 page story as the Devil is spot on. I didn’t really think of it before but he’s the perfect match for Psylocke. They both have the ninja background and her telepathy would be affected by his radar sense as this story illustrates. The dramatic tension is high and with the two so evenly matched, it’s a great back-and-forth fight that stays true to both characters. This is all brought to life beautifully by Peterson’s pencils. After reading this story, I was really craving to see a Daredevil story penned by Remender. When Mark Waid gets tired of telling amazing stories about the blind Avenger, I think Rick would make a great replacement. This story was just spectacular.

This is a fight over who has prettier hair.

The Second Fight (Thor vs. Emma Frost) is care of Kaare Andrews who both writes and draws the affair. This story had more of a Main Event feel and while it’s not as good as the first story, it still delivers. It starts out a bit like a pissing contest. Who’s got more power. Who’s got more bravado. It builds and it keeps building as the two begin to unleash more and more power on each other. There’s a false finish that is pretty bad ass and if the story had of ended there I probably would’ve been satisfied. But then it wouldn’t have fit in with the main title very well. So the fight continues and comes to the only climax that is possible in the context of this event. And Andrew’s does a good job with the pencils for the most part although there are a few action shots that could’ve used a bit more time and planning. But overall, still a fun story to watch unfold. And Kaare does a great job conveying Emma’s flip attitude with some key lines of dialogue.

This issue did a good job of continuing my renewed faith in this title. While it isn’t as good as last issue, it still was pretty strong. The Daredevil/Psylocke fight alone is worth the $4 price tag. I know that I was down on this series at first, it’s really shown as a proving ground that some various artists and writers would do a great job with particular characters in a mini or ongoing series. I really hope that Marvel takes notice of this and tries these creators out on these characters soon.

Rapid Tie-In Reviews

  New Avengers #28

While this issue didn’t tell me the story I wanted to read (Hope getting trained by Spider-Man) it was still pretty entertaining. This issue focuses on some of the key Avengers (Spider-Woman, Hawkeye and Luke Cage) who’ve been captured by the X-Men and are being held in the X-Brig on Utopia. The three pool together and using their ingenuity, attempt to escape the prison. But there’s more going on here that meets the eye. This story has a twist that works well. I really got into the story and actually got a bit angry when the twist was revealed. And not angry because it was a bad idea. I was feeling mad for the characters involved. A sign of a good story right there. Pick up this issue today as the AvsX tie-in tales have been the best Avengers stories by Bendis in a long time.


  Wolverine and the X-Men #13

The end of the last issue of this book left us with a total set up for an all out brawl between the X-Men and the Shi’ar Imperial Guard. And that’s pretty much what we get here. But on top of that, we also get a very personal story about Kid Gladiator’s guardian, Warbird. As Lord Gladiator leads his warriors into battle, he’s sent Warbird to collect his son from the other side. This is inter-cut with flashbacks from Warbird’s life and how she became the ultimate soldier. It’s cool because we finally get to see a more personal side to her that we haven’t seen before. Also, near the climax of the issue, we even see some compassion and emotion in Kid Gladiator that hasn’t really been shown before. The last couple of pages have the right amount of drama that it feels like the Kid may have a change of heart on where he stands. I enjoyed it. Check it out.

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Blind man vs. Ninja. Norse God vs. Phoenix Fifth.