This week’s episode, we take a trip back to past films and look festively into the future at new ones.

Don’t miss this Friday’s show as Andrew and Mr. Green celebrate Christmas… July. No, we’re not talking about the 1940 classic starring Dick Powell and Ellen Drew. We’re talking about this upcoming Christmas. Known as the second biggest Movie Event time (next to Summer), Christmas is shaping up to have some big pictures coming our way. With films like The Hobbit, This is 40, Django Unchained and more, there’s lots to look forward to. Listen as the guys break down the holiday season at the movies. So while others will be trimming the tree and decking those halls, you’ll be sitting you’re ass down at the cinema and lovin’ every minute of it. Find out what big flicks are coming your way.

But that’s not the only films we’ll be talking about. Andrew and Mr. Green go back to an old favourite on Geek Hard – The Movie Swap Challenge. Each man has picked a film they have seen and given it to the other to watch for the first time to give an honest review. This time they’ll be looking at non-superhero films that feature super powers! For Mr. Green, Andrew has chosen Dakota Skye, a little known indy film from 2008 about a girl who knows when you’re lying. Not only that, but she knows what the truth is too. For Andrew, Mr. Green’s picked out the 1983 Classic, Stephen King’s The Dead Zone, starring Christopher Walken, about a man who after waking up from a coma discovers he’s got psychic abilities he can use to help people. Find out what each of the boys think about these respective films the Friday.

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This girl knows that you're lying, so don't try any of you're usual bullshit, o.k.?

This is that movie where Walken touches people right? No I don't mean in that way!