After talking just five minutes with Jim Drucker, one thing is evidently clear: He loves comics. Growing up during the sixties, at the height of what we now refer to as the silver age of comics, Jim was an avid collector of Superman and Batman titles as well as a host of others. His love of these books is evident as he recounts the history of Triplicate Girl from the Legion of Superheroes. “Of course, one of the triplicates died and they had to rename her Duo Damsel.” Like most comic fans, he remembers the continuity of his favorite series as well the subtle nuances of the stories he read growing up.

Now, fifty years later, Jim has made what was once a hobby into a lucrative business with, the world’s largest comic store. As he explains it, after years of first his mother and then later his wife asking him to get rid of his comics, he finally decided it was time to sell off his old collection. After attempting to go about it the old fashioned way – selling his books to a local comic book store – he found he would most likely get a better deal by selling them himself online. And this is how NewKadia came to be. His success at selling his books was noticed by many in the online community. So much so, people began to contact him to sell their comics through his site. “Today, about 645,000 comics are available online at” he states with pride. Another statistic that he’s happy to tell me about is that “Over 1 million different shoppers have come to NewKadia from August 1st 2011 to July 31st of this year.” This stat is not a surprise when you check out the site for yourself. Not only does NewKadia offer great deals (each day a book remains on the site unsold, it drops in price), but it is also obvious that the people that work there are avid comic book fans.

Most months, the top selling title on the site is the first Amazing Spider-Man Series.

Although selling back issue comics is the main function of, there is also a great sense of celebration of the medium of comics. Taking a read through of the “Staff Picks” section of the site, you will find passionate accounts from the folks that work at NewKadia about their favourite four-colour heroes. And it’s not just mainstream titles being promoted. A wide variety of genres are being represented. From X-Force to Scrooge McDuck to The Lone Ranger to The Creeper, each staff member give glowing recommendations for their fav books and explains why they are “Must Reading”. There’s also an interesting article, written by Drucker himself, about Investing in Comic Books. In it, he stresses that there is no sure fire way to make money off collecting comics. Instead, he suggests collecting the titles you enjoy reading and look for value in the enjoyment of the stories as opposed to hoping to line your pockets with cash. Comics are, first and foremost, a fun form of entertainment and that is a point that is driven home at NewKadia.

Back from when I was a kid up to now, the one thing that I’ve always enjoyed about reading and collecting comics is going into the local comic shop, finding the books you love and knowing that the people you see there share that love. In a way, I get that same feeling when at The people there love reading comics and it shows. Be sure to check out the site today.

And don’t forget to enter Newkadia’s “Summer Comics Palooza” Contest, for a chance to win a $50 gift card good for purchase at

Good Comics. Great Deals. Passionate People. Check out today.

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Jim Drucker, owner and operator of, standing in front of SOME of the comics that NewKadia has to offer.