Well, it’s Wednesday. A day that is usually filled with cheer. It’s the day that new comics flood into my local comic shop to distract me from the grind that is the work week that’s still got a few days left. But for some reason, I can’t just sit and be happy. I know that there are lots of things I can get excited about and I still have my health….mostly. But instead of focus on the good that is around me, I find myself homing in on the bits of information that I have acquired from the internets that I am not a fan of. For a fanboy like myself, this could be anything. It could be an isolated incident or a reoccurring theme. Either way, there are things transpiring in the world of film, television, comics, and more that I wish didn’t get to me, but they do! Sometimes I just want to take the entire entertainment industry and give a swift kick in the ass for all the stupid things they come up with.

I know you’re wondering (if you’re still reading this), “What things, Andrew? What is it that you read on the internets that’s got you all riled up?” Don’t worry. I was getting to that. I have listed below the many things I have read or seen (some of which I saw just this morning) that have either annoyed me or pissed me off. Read on to find out what’s got my nerdboy underpants in a knot.


Reboot, Reboot, Everywhere a Reboot

For years, it’s been said that Hollywood hasn’t got an original idea. That it has to mine other successful mediums to find the next big thing. And when they can’t find something fresh and new, they shake the dust off an old idea and hope that nobody will notice. The remake or reboot (the fancy way for a studio to do a remake without calling it a remake) has been a staple of the business and is no stranger to the world of genre entertainment. Unfortunately, it’s been a bit too popular these days. The moment a franchise shows the slightest signs of slipping out of the people’s interest, a reboot is the first option thrown on the table. It’s also become the buzzword attached to bringing back franchises and ideas long thought dead. The most recent name being mentioned for the reboot treatment is a personal favourite of mine, The Rocketeer. Now I know that the original film from 1991 directed by Joe Johnson and based on the comic created by Dave Stevens was no cinematic masterpiece but it is a movie that many still enjoy. It got its release on Blu-ray last year and I remember the online buzz from many fans like myself. But the film is a cult movie. It’s audience is not on the level of a Batman or an Avengers. Because of this, I can easily see this as an excuse to mess with the origin and continuity of the characters. With it’s creator passing away in 2008, there’s no one to Sheppard the project and make sure it stays true to the source material. On top of that, Disney, the company that has the rights to the Rocketeer Film, is currently working with characters that share similar themes to the Stevens creation: Captain America and Iron Man. Bringing out a Rocteteer Picture could actually do damage to all three franchises as it dilutes the market. I love my Rocketeer and I love the new comic work being put out by IDW but there is no need for a new Rocketeer film. If Disney really wants to do a project about a hero with a rocket pack, why not just think up a new character with a completely different background and story and film that? Actually come up with something original. Imagine that.


Deleted Scenes and Extras from Avengers

Okay, before you all get up in arms  here and prepare to lynch me, I love the deleted scenes and extras of Avengers. I love the Avengers film. It is by far the greatest superhero movie out there and I am very excited to see the Blu-ray come on September 25th. But that’s the problem: It doesn’t come out until September 25th. Already we’ve scene at least 2 deleted scenes and a gag reel. If they keep this up, what will be left to discover when the actual disc hits the streets? I understand they’re doing this to generate buzz. But why? It’s the highest grossing film of the year so far. People loved it. They really want to watch it again. They’re gonna buy the DVD or the Blu-ray when it comes out. And if, for some reason, they don’t? Well, they’ll put it on their Christmas list and come December, you’ll get your sale. Simple. I can understand a lesser or less popular film taking to these marketing tactics to ensure that units of the DVD get moved, but I don’t get it with this one. I want to find all the special goodies untouched when I buy the disc (or to be more specific, when I purchase this treasure chest). I’m liking what I see with the extras for The Avengers disc but I’m begging you, please stop. Don’t give this delicate flower away like it’s a cheap whore. Let me take it out to dinner first.


The Reveal of Superman and Wonder Woman Hooking Up in the pages of Justice League

To tell you the truth, I don’t know why this bothers me. I’m not a Superman fan. I’m not a Wonder Woman fan. I don’t care if Supes ends up with Lois or not. But the whole thing reeks of publicity stunt. The New 52 has been all about shilling. You can’t make me think otherwise. They got a bunch of huge sales last year and they need to keep that up. So now, to generate buzz (the third time I have used that word in this article) they are now just coming up with what they think will shock audiences and in turn sell the book.  Since the start of the New 52, one title I have not been impressed with at all is Justice League. I stopped reading it pretty early on. I have no plans of returning to see this dumb idea play out. Again, I don’t know why this bothered me. It really has no effect on my comic purchase habits whatsoever.


The Daredevil Movie Debacle

For those of you wondering, no I don’t mean the debacle that was the theatrical release of 2003 that I’d rather not remember. I am referring to the recent events over at Fox Studios (Mr. Green’s favourite people for those who don’t know). As it stands, the rights to the Daredevil Movie franchise revert back to Marvel on October 10th. Fox has attempted to negotiate an extension so that it can push along production on a Joe Carnahan (director of the Grey and others) project that would take the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen back to his gritty, seventies-era incarnation. From recent tweets from Carnahan and Fox and Marvel unable to agree on terms, it looks like this film is not happening. So come October 10th, back to the House of Ideas goes the Devil. That’s not what concerns me. What I’m pissed about is that Marvel Studios and Disney are not seeing the big picture here. Daredevil fans want to see Carnahan’s idea. They need to bring Carnahan over when they get the rights back. It doesn’t matter what contract with Fox they have to buy out or what hoops they have to jump through. People will like what Joe’s got planned. But this will most likely not happen as Disney will want DD to be compatible with the Avengers-based universe they got going and Carnahan’s idea obviously does not fit in nicely to that aesthetic.


Rob Liefeld – Why is he still here?

Working for DC is not enough. Apparently, we’re also being threatened with a Bloodstrike  movie adaption. WHY GOD? WHY?


So that’s what’s been on my mind for this Wednesday. Maybe, if I got more things to rant about and if I hear some feedback about this article, I might make this a weekly column. Who knows? Make with the comments and the feedback and we’ll find out.

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!