This week, Andrew and Mr. Green watch two other dudes get old.

Don’t miss Friday’s show as we check out a brand new DVD that hit the market and talk with a actor who’s got more credits to her name than Green has complaints (that’s A LOT of credits). Joining the boys via phone will be the lovely and talented Ellen Dubin. Ellen will be talking with the guys about her voice work in the upcoming game release Guild Wars 2 (which launches August 28th) as well as the many sci fi and genre projects she’s been involved in. A quick witted woman, Ellen is guaranteed to keep our sarcastic hosts on their toes. Here’s a quick bio on Ellen:

Ellen Dubin has enjoyed a unique and extremely diverse career as an actor. A Gemini Award nominated actress for her series regular role Jeri Slate in the Leo Award winning supernatural drama THE COLLECTOR (airing in 65 countries and continuing in repeats), Ellen is also a cult figure in the sci-fi world for playing the alien cannibal Giggerota the Wicked in the international cult hit LEXX. She has the distinction of doing all four seasons and playing four different characters in this very popular show. Ellen played the first Pope in scifi history in LEXX.

Her affinity for the unusual has also lead her to starring roles in THE DEAD ZONE, BLOOD TIES, MUTANT X, A WRINKLE IN TIME and HIGHLANDER: THE RAVEN where she is the only female to have a broad to broad to broadsword fight in that show’s history.

Ellen is honored to be the spokesperson for the Make A Wish Foundation in Toronto and Central Ontario, volunteers at the Los Angeles Mission and sits on the board of Kids With A Cause in Los Angeles.

You can find out more about Ellen at her website.

But that’s not all. Geek Hard checks out the latest DVD release from Kevin Smith and the Smodco Family, Jay and Silent Bob Get Old: Tea Bagging in the UK. Hosts Smith and hetero-lifemate, Jason Mewes continue their saga into middle-age as they head across the pond for live performances in Jolly Ole England. Will this DVD showcasing one of those performances be as entertaining as previous installments of the “Evening with Kevin Smith” series? Or will it get old fast? Listen to the program to hear Andrew and Mr. Green chime in on another dynamic duo!

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Smith and Mewes head to Great Britain to dry hump over tea and crumpets.