Hey Gang,
Are you a Nerd? Do you like to laugh? Do you live near Hamilton, Ontario? (If you do and you don’t like to laugh, life must be rough for you.)
If you answered yes to at least two of the three questions above, then have I got a show for you. (This isn’t my show, so I don’t technically have it. I’m just supporting it because I think you will have a good time at it. I know. I’m over-thinking this. I just want to be clear.)
It’s called Schrodinger’s Laugh, A night of Indie Nerd comedy presented by Hammer Comics and Nerdy Little Secret. It’s going down at Homegrown Hamilton (27 William Street in Hamilton…..naturally) this Saturday, September 29th at 9pm. And it only costs $10 to see some of Hamilton’s funniest comics!
Who’s on the show? I’m glad you asked. (I know you technically didn’t ask me because we’re not having a conversation right now. But I’m guessing you did ask that question.) Headlining the show will be one of Canada’s nerdiest comics and Geek Hard columnist, Gavin Stephens. He’ll be joined by Patrick Coppolino, Mayce Galoni and Anthony Mlekuz. There may even be a surprise guest! I’m thinking it’ll be an Avenger but I could be wrong. (Yes, I know that it won’t be one of the Avengers but judging by the poster for the event, it may be a furry dressed as an Avenger, so who knows.)
So, if you’re in the Hamilton area this Saturday, be sure to check out Schrodinger’s Laugh at Homegrown Hamilton at 9pm. It should be a fun time. And like Schrodinger’s Cat (a cat in a box that could be alive or dead), you might be alive, but if you’re not laughing, you’re dead inside.


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And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!