The Time has come to reveal the winner of The Summer Comics Palooza Contest, brought to you by Geek Hard and

Lets find out who won a $50 gift card good for use at (The World’s Largest Comic Store). But first, here’s the answers to our 3 question quiz that you had to answer correctly to become eligible.


 ▪    Len Wein is credited as the man who created Wolverine. But who designed Wolvie’s original costume?


ANSWER: John Romita








▪    In the Superman Comics, Pre-Crisis, what effect did Gold Kryptonite have on Krytonians?

ANSWER: They Would lose their powers FOREVER!







▪    Of all the superheroes in Marvel and DC, Luke Cage probably has the goofiest catch phrase. What is his catch phrase?










So there you have it. Now let’s find out who was our lucky winner. We announced the winner LIVE on our August 31st broadcast. For those that missed it, the winner is…….


Congratulations George. You will receive an email from some time later this week with details on how to redeem your gift card. Then you will be able to use that gift card for purchases at Just think of all the great back issue comic books you’ll be able to buy, especially since NewKadia has amazing deals each day!

Thanks to everyone who enter The Summer Comics Palooza Contest. Keep checking back here for more great contests and stories.

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