This week, we give you the best of both worlds: Smart and Classy Comedy with Bloody, Sexy Violence.

Listen to Geek Hard this Friday as Andrew and Mr. Green are joined via phone by the lovely Jennifer Blanc, an actor who’s made the rounds in all genres of film and television. She’ll be on to discuss her latest film, The Victim, which was written and directed by her husband, Michael Biehn (You should go with that guy if you want to live) and hits DVD and Bluray on September 18th. Both Jennifer and Michael star in the film and it falls into the category of Grindhouse Cinema. There’s blood, there’s boobs, there’s violence and some of it all in the same scenes. Listen as the guys talk with her about the down and dirty world of indy filmmaking. Here’s a quick bio on Jennifer:

Jennifer Blanc, also known as Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, was born and raised in New York City by her mom Jenise Blanc. At the tender age of 13, Jennifer was on Broadway in Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs working alongside Jonathan Silverman, Fisher Stevens and Robert Sean Leonard. Jennifer’s career blossomed bringing her to sunny Los Angeles to be in Kenny Ortegas’ series “Hull High” (1990) for Disney and NBC. Since then, she has been grateful to be continually working in the business that she loves. She also starred in the TV series, “The Mommies” (1993) for NBC and Paramount. Her projects include: Friends ‘Til the End (1997) (TV) opposite Shannen Doherty, “Party of Five” (1994) opposite Scott Wolf and Matthew Fox, Cool and the Crazy (1994) (TV) with Jared Leto, and James Cameron’s “Dark Angel” (2000) with Jessica Alba. Jennifer has also guest starred on television shows such as “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (2000), “Grace Under Fire” (1993) and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (2005) with Danny DeVito. In addition, she has been involved in many projects with her partner and fellow actor, Michael Biehn. The two joined forces on a movie Michael directed in China called, The Blood Bond (2010). Their other projects include Puncture (2011) alongside Chris Evans and The Ride (1997/I). Most recently, Jennifer made an appearance in The Divide (2011) with partner Michael Biehn and is producing a film called The Victim (2011). It is her first leap into the producing world and she is loving it. Her performance in The Victim (2011) comes on the heels of other movies she has just recently completed, including The Jack of Spades (2010) with Jennifer Coolidge, Prank (2008) with friend and colleague Danielle Harris (co-star in The Victim (2011)), and Stanley DeBrock (2012) with Pruitt Taylor Vince.

You can find out more about Jennifer at her website, and more about The Victim at the films official website.

But that’s not all! The Toronto International Film Festival is once again happening and Geek Hard’s gotten in on some of that action as they give their review of Much Ado About Nothing, the latest adaptation of this Shakespeare play from the mind and eyes of Joss Whedon. Whedon shot this film over 12 days in between the production and post production of that other film he did called The Avengers and used his own home for the location. The guys got to attend the gala premiere of this film and see this art film with the interesting back story but did the festival glitz cloud their judgement on the value of this movie? Did Joss hit another one out of the park or did he do the Bard wrong? Catch this Friday’s show to see what rating it receives from our tough panel of judges.

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What does Joss do with his time off? He makes another movie.

Will the Victim leave any survivors? Listen this Friday to Find Out!