This week, we kick our genre cred up a notch.

On this Friday’s show, Andrew and Mr. Green will be exploring the world After Dark. No they’re not waiting for the sun to go down (although it probably will be in their neck of the woods). The boys will be taking a look at the upcoming Toronto After Dark Film Festival. You might be saying, “Didn’t you guys just finish talking about a film festival?” Yeah, but TIFF was just the tip of the nerd iceburg. The great thing about After Dark is that it’s a straight up Genre Film Fest. That means Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy – We got you covered. The guys will be taking a look at the complete line up for the fest and make their predictions on which ones will be the ones to watch and which will the be the ones to pass on. Wanna know more about the Fest? Here’s a quick bio:

 Toronto After Dark Film Festival is one of the world’s leading showcases of new horror, sci-fi, action and cult films. Entering its 7th Year in 2012, the critically acclaimed annual event spotlights thrilling new feature films and shorts from around the world. Last year’s festival was attended by a record over 10,000 enthusiastic film fans and over 100 members of press and industry. Our films received coverage from the Hollywood Trade Press, and a number of distribution deals for filmmakers resulted. In a poll of local filmgoers, Toronto After Dark was also voted Runner-Up for Best Film Festival in the City.

And if you want a bit more about some of the films that are going to be screening at this year’s festival, check out this video that After Dark Organizer Adam Lopez did with the guys about the first 10 films announced for the fest.

For more info on how to get tickets or to watch trailers for all of these genre films go to the After Dark Film Fest Website.

I’d let Cassandra judge me, anyday.

But we’re not just talking about films we haven’t seen yet. We’ve also got a review coming your way about the new film that hit theatres last week that is the LAW! Dredd is now playing and Andrew and Mr. Green will give their review on the second film ever made about Britain’s most famous Comic Character. Will it be the dark gritty action film that 2000 AD fans all hope it is? Or will it make the Sly Stallone Flick look like a masterpiece? Listen to the show this Friday to find out.



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Is this Bad-Ass rooftop pose confidence or over-compensation. We shall see.