Hello Friends,

If you’re in the Toronto Area this Friday night (October 26th) and you’re feeling nerdy, have we got a show for you!

It’s the Creature Feature Costume Bash! and it’s going down at the El Mocambo (464 Spadina Avenue) at 10pm! It’s a Costume Contest! It’s a Dance Party! And it’s also the release party for Swamp Thing’s New CD Creature Feature. Swamp Thing (comprised of Timbuktu, Chokeules & Savilion) will be debuting their new CD that’s filled with rap songs about Horror, Sci-Fi and B Movies. You can also see them LIVE on stage that very night, rapping about things we all care about like Star Trek, Zombies, John Carpenter, Jaws and more! And if that pop-culture-y goodness isn’t enough for you, they’ll be joined by other acts including Wordburglar and More or Les. Plus Peter Project will be there as well to provide some tunes to dance to.  And the best part is you can enjoy all of this IN COSTUME!

What would a “Costume Bash” be if you weren’t in costume? Well, then it would just be a Bash, which is okay but it’s not as exciting as a COSTUME BASH! See, it’s so exciting I had to put it in all caps. Reviews on the Run‘s own Shaun Hatton will be one of the judges for a costume contest that will be going on all night! You may just win a prize on top of everything else! Sounds good, yes? But, amazingly enough, that’s still not all there is to this event.

To add to all the festivities already taking place at this musical nerdfest, Wordburglar will also be debuting his NEW Music video for his track, Drawings with Words. This music video was shot entirely on location at this year’s Fan Expo Canada. The whole video’s shot at a Comic Convention? I’m guessing that at least a few cosplayers made it into the vid. How cool is it to watch people in costume in a music video while being in costume yourself? (I’m actually asking you. I’ve never seen that before so I would like to know how cool it is.)

It all happens this Friday, October 26th, at 10pm at the El Mocambo in Toronto. Admission is $7 or $10 (includes a copy of the Swamp Thing Creature Feature CD). This is of course a 19+ event (sorry kiddies). Go check it out and go in Costume! Tis the Season and you just might win something.

And before you go to this event, be sure to listen to Geek Hard @7pm Eastern on www.realityradio101.com for our Halloween Spooktacular!

For those still on the fence about checking this event out, here’s the video for Wordburglar’s first single, Rhyme O’Clock, which came out earlier this year and is available on itunes.



And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!