So today is the first day of 9 amazing days of film awesomeness hitting Toronto. That’s right it’s another year, the 7th in fact of Toronto After Dark Film Festival (TADFF) which runs from Oct 18th to Oct 26th. Your best source for seeing some great horror, sci-fi, action and cult movies from around the world. Each and every year they offer something new and amazing and this year is no different. So I decided to give you my picks for the 5 films that I think you should see based solely on the descriptions from the TADFF website. Located at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, ticket info available here.



Grabbers – Opening Gala Film w/short film: Not Till We’re Married – THURSDAY, OCT. 18 6:45PM

From TADFF – In this hysterical Sundance audience crowd-pleaser in the mould of TREMORS, when a small Irish town is invaded by bloodsucking tentacled aliens, the locals discover that getting drunk may be their only way to survive!

Mr. Green – Uh, hello! This sounds awesome! With some awesome sauce on the side. Plus it stars Russell Tovy of UK’s Being Human and the hilarious Richard Coyle I am so on board it’s not funny. This gives my drinking new purpose now, I’m trying to stop the alien invasion bitches!



Sushi Girl  w/short film: Bydlo – WEDNESDAY, OCT. 24 6:45PM

From TADFF – A reunion dinner for a gang of vicious criminals reopens old wounds with deadly consequences. This stylish, ultraviolent crime film in the mould of Tarantino’s RESERVOIR DOGS features a genre cast to die for including Tony Todd (CANDYMAN),  Michael Biehn (TERMINATOR), Danny Trejo (MACHETE), Sonny Chiba (KILL BILL) and Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill!

Mr. Green – With an all star cast like this you would be fooling yourself to not go see it. Blood, action, humour and did mention blood? Any film with Todd, Trejo, Biehn and Chiba in it I’m going to see. This could be the major breakout film of the festival.


A Fantastic Fear Of Everything w/short film: Birthday Pictures – FRIDAY, OCT. 26 6:45PM

From TADFF – A dark and quirky comedy about a very nervous writer played by fan favourite Simon Pegg (SHUAN OF THE DEAD, HOT FUZZ, STAR TREK, SPACED) struggling with a slew of mental demons while working on a new novel about Victorian serial killers. Co-stars Paul Freeman (aka Belloq, the main villain in INDIANA JONES & THE RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK!)

Mr. Green – I’m sure you can see the trend here by now most my picks are horror comedies but why not. Simon Pegg is hilarious and this movie has Belloq! Yeah that fucking Belloq! How cool is that looks to be a total blast from beginning to end.

My Amityville Horror w/short film: Eviction – TUESDAY, OCT. 23 6:45PM

From TADFF – In this genuinely chilling and disturbing new documentary, almost 40 years after the most infamous alleged haunting in American history, Daniel Lutz who was just a young boy at the time, finally breaks his silence and tells his side of the story of the supernatural events that took place in his family’s Amityville home.

Mr. Green – Anyone who has watched the Amityville Horror is going to want to watch this. Here we get someone who was actually there and reveal his thoughts and feelings to what happened around him. Whether you believe or not I’m betting this will be a fascinating film to watch.


Lloyd The Conqueror w/short film: The Myth Of Robo Wonder Kid – SUNDAY, OCT. 21 3:45PM

From TADFF – A very nerdy and very funny comedy about three male college students roped into taking part in their first Live Action Role-Playing tournament where they must defeat Derek the Unholy, a dark wizard, determined to hold onto his reigning championship crown by any devious means. Fantastic cast includes comedian Brian Posehn (SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM),  Mike Smith (aka “Bubbles” from TRAILER PARK BOYS) and Harland Williams (DUMB & DUMBER)!  UPDATE: Posehn and Smith will be in attendance at this screening to intro and take questions from fans!

Mr. Green – I have never larped… no really I mean it, never. However I have had friends who did and well it still makes me giggle. That being said I give them credit for taking what they like to the extreme and there is nothing wrong with that as along as no one gets killed. Besides as you can tell another comedy. What can I say I like to laugh.

Honorable Mentions

Cockneys Vs Zombies – Canadian Premiere Zombie Appreciation Night w/short film: D.N.E: Do Not Erase – SATURDAY, OCT. 20 9:45PM

From TADFF – When a bunch of East End bank robbers find themselves caught in the middle an outbreak of the undead on the streets of London, it’s every gangster for himself.  One part SHAUN OF THE DEAD, one part SNATCH, and loaded with outrageous zombie kills, the latest hit zombie comedy from Britain is a shotgun blast of fun from start to finish!

Mr. Green – This sounds like a pretty cool idea and a fun romp for the zombie fans out there.

Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning – Canadian Premiere w/short film: Bio-Cop – SUNDAY, OCT. 21 6:45PM

From TADFF – Packed with extreme, ultraviolent fight scenes and hard-hitting action, the newest chapter of the Universal Soldier movie series has received fantastic fan reactions on the festival circuit. Action legends Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme unite as leaders of a renegade army of soldiers and its up to Scott Adkins (the rising action star from EXPENDABLES 2) to track them down and defeat them.

Mr. Green – I know that some of the folks at the festival are big fans of this movie. I only liked the first one but I’ll give it a chance.

Game Of Werewolves – Closing Gala Film (Updated: 9.30 PM Start Time) w/short film: Game – FRIDAY, OCT. 26 9:30PM

From TADFF – When a struggling young writer returns to his remote village home after years away in the city, he’s shocked to discover it’s become cursed by werewolves and also that he might just be the only one who can stop them.  Fantastic old school effects, great werewolf fight scenes and kills, and an endearing misfit hero makes multiple Audience Award winner GAME OF WEREWOLVES an absolute delight for fans at every festival it plays!

Mr. Green – Werewolves bitches! Truly enough said! Regardless of what you check out you are going to have a blast at this festival so enjoy and I hope to to see you there.

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