This column each week, is to help you picking some books that we think look and sound interesting. Both Andrew and I are going to make some selections that we hope you try out and enjoy. Now this will probably lead to some name calling or fist fights at some point but this is not about which company is better or my general dislike for all things Marvel. No, we want to suggest some titles you may not be reading today but you might like if you did. By the way, there is no order to this list at all so deal with it.

New Books Released: 10/24/12

CAPTAIN AMERICA #19 $3.99 (Marvel) The last issue of Cap by Ed Brubaker, ending his epic run on the character. Brubaker revitalized the Captain America franchise. It’s a shame to see him go. But to all things, an ending. Be sure to pick this up and see Cap’s last tale at the hands of the Fatale scribe. (Andrew) 

GHOST #1 $2.99 (Dark Horse) A new take on an old Dark Horse character. Phil Noto is doing the art and covers so I’m on board because he rocks. This sounds like it could be some fun and I would prefer to have some fun in my comics and less of the dark & gritty. I like both and have seen it done well for each but lately, EVERYTHING is dark & gritty. Since this takes place right after the events of Ghost #0, I would recommend that you might want to find a copy or get the digital download to read. (Mr. Green)

PUNISHER WAR ZONE #1 $2.99 (Marvel) A bit of a trend of this week’s new comics blog for me. This is the beginning of the last story of Greg Rucka’s Punisher. In this story, he goes toe to toe with the Avengers… really. (Andrew) 

UNTOLD TALES OF DOG MENDONCA & PIZZABOY ONE SHOT $2.99 (Dark Horse) What a great title! This story’s collected from the pages of Dark Horse Presents into one volume. It’s about a Portuguese werewolf who tells the story of his strange origins. Going all the way back the Nazi’s up to today. This sounds awesome and I am going to be reading this. (Mr. Green)

SUPERCROOKS PREMIUM HARD COVER $19.99 (Icon) One of the best mini-series of the year, Supercrooks is the Ocean’s Eleven of the meta-human set. When a crew of ex-supervillains get together to do one last heist to help out a friend, anything can happen. A fantastic story by Mark Millar and kick-ass art by Leinil Francis Yu. With engaging characters and a well earned payoff, this is a fun ride for any comic fan of both superheroes and crime comics. (Andrew) 

UNWRITTEN #42 $2.99 (Vertigo) Like Andrew, I have books that I will always champion because people should be reading them. Period. This book has, from day one, continued to amaze me with every issue. And than recently it changed gears and the focus of the story has shifted. Is the other story resolved? Not really. But we now have different characters showing up and people missing that could be dead but who really knows? This is one of the reasons why I like this book so much. It’s not afraid to make sweeping changes or kill characters off if necessary to the plot. (Mr. Green)

DISNEY PIXAR CHARACTER ENCYCLOPEDIA HARD COVER $16.99 (Disney) Check out this reference guide to any and every Pixar creation from the Toy Story Crew on up. If you’re a fan of Pixar, Disney, or animation in general, this book’s for you. (Andrew) 

TALON #1 $2.99 (DC Comics) I can’t believe that I want to check this out, however the zero issue changed my mind. I gave it a shot and low and behold, it wasn’t that bad. Which gives me a little hope for this new series. It seemed to me at least that they really want to tell a story that will matteer to all readers, not just Batman readers, which is a good plan. (Mr. Green)

WOLVERINE MAX #1 $3.99 (Marvel) I was gonna pass on this book until I heard more about it. First off, the art is by Jock, so it’s going to look good. Second, it takes place in Japan, where I like my Wolverine stories set. Finally, it’s a case of Wolverine being set up for a fall, which are always the best stories with this character. It’s worth checking out. (Andrew) 

NATIONAL COMICS MADAME X #1 $3.99 (DC Comics) Okay, do we really need two versions of Madame Xanadu in the new DC Universe? Maybe. Maybe not. But they are certainly going to try and make that happen. I will take a look solely based on my like for Looker #1 and the amazing Kid Eternity #1. Again, fun one shots and there is nothing wrong with that.  (Mr. Green)

So there you go. Check these books out and let us what you thought. Did we help you discover something new or did you really hate it? Either way at least you tried a new title out and experienced something new. And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

The Untold Tales of Dog Mendonca & Pizza Boy