Here is a round up of all the shows that I watched this week. Some good some bad but there it is… that’s television for you. If you are lucky you are having a good time, if not well here’s hoping next week is better.

Week of (10/14/12-10/20/12)


Once Upon A Time :: ABC, Sundays @ 8pm

Episode (203) Lady of the Lake – Another rip roaring good time in the Enchanted Forest this week. It’s kind of strange having the Forest be part of the A plot this year when it was always used to tell back story last season. Regardless we get to see Snow kicking more ass and meet Lancelot for the first time… and the last. Charming really seemed to be more comfortable this week in not only his role as Henry’s guardian but that of a father/grandfather. This show never ceases to put out quality episodes each time.

Verdict: Watch it!

The Walking Dead :: AMC, Sundays @ 9pm

Episode (301) Seed – Okay so it’s been apparently close to 6-7 months since we left our merry band of survivors after the Battle of Hershel’s Farm.The group is a little more wore down than what we were used to last year. When they find the prison it looks like all of their prayers have been answered. Well except for all the walkers there. It was a good season opener for the 3rd season show. I am really looking forward to the events that are about to unfold over the coming episodes. Oh yeah, one last thing… MICHONNE!!!!

Verdict: Watch it!

Alphas :: SyFy, Mondays @ 9pm

Episode (212) Need to Know – The shit is hitting the fan in this one. Hicks & Rosen are going way off the reservation in their dealings with a prisoner this week. They trying to get Nina to push him into telling them about Parrish but that goes nowhere and then comes the torture. Yes torture by the good guys! It is very obvious that both Hicks & Rosen are pissed about what happened to Danni and fully plan on vengeance against Parrish when they find him. I like the change in the characters that they are showing more normal human emotions towards their grief. Next is the season finale and I am looking forward to the carnage.

Verdict: Watch it!

Revolution (NEW) :: NBC, Mondays @ 9pm

Episode (105) Soul Train – The Train Capper…. well that’s what I would have called it. Finally Charlie and gang get intel on where they can help break Danny out of the Monroe Militia’s imprisonment. This episode was the first time many of the central players got to meet each other. We also discover some truths about Captain Neville and his family. Not bad but still treading water.

Verdict: Record it!

Supernatural :: CW, Wednesdays @ 9pm

Episode (803) Heartache – Well on one hand I was glad that it wasn’t so neatly wrapped up in the first episode but the whole Sam doesn’t want to be a hunter story has been done before. I just hope they try some new things here with the story. I don’t mind the retread but at least make it interesting. As for the episode itself the boys are hunting a killer who might be another god or is it. The story was a cool idea but was used more to tell the story of Sam’s unhappiness then anything else. This is the typical Supernatural transition episode. More goodness coming soon.

Verdict: Record it!

Last Resort (NEW) :: ABC, Thursdays @ 8pm

Episode (104) Voluntold – The first time that democracy is actually in use during this show. They talk a lot about it but never really use it during any of the previous episodes. Here Captain Chaplin gives the entire crew of the Colorado the choice to stay or leave of their own free will. Well for the most part. We also get some B-story from thug Serrat and King the Navy SEAL. Amazingly so far this show hasn’t lost me but it is still a slippery slope. Next week looks to bring some fireworks but we’ll see if it actually helps the show.

Verdict: Record it!

Person of Interest :: CBS, Thursdays @ 9pm

Episode (203) Masquerade – After dealing with Rook the team is back to doing what they do. Reese is protecting a Brazilian diplomat’s daughter who likes to party and may have seen something she shouldn’t have. Finch is having some difficulties with his post Rook world view but John’s new dog seems to be helping. While Carter looks into some CIA business. Things really rolled on this week but not moving away from the overall story of the computer and the government’s plans.

Verdict: Watch it!

Elementary (NEW) :: CBS, Thursdays @ 10pm

Episode (103) Child Predator – Back after a week off Holmes is chasing down The Balloon Man a child abductor and killer of children.  Like the other stories so far on the series this one also has a twist to it. I liked the idea of these twist endings but I would hope that they change the formula soon as to get away from the obviousness of the plot device. This show is continuing to surprise me each week. That i don’t hate it. I would assume that has to do with Miller but you never know.

Verdict: Watch it!

Fringe :: FOX, Fridays @ 9pm

No Episode this week. Thanks baseball.

Verdict: N/A

Grimm :: NBC, Fridays @ 9pm

Episode (208) The Other Side – This was a new twist to the Grimm universe tonight with some genetic manipulation involved in the story. I liked they went outside their comfort zone on this one and some fun with the story telling. Not everything needs to be monsters from ancient stories. Of course we have some of Juliette and the Captain plus some intrigue with Adalind and the Royals.

Verdict: Watch it!

Haven :: SyFy, Fridays @ 9pm

Episode (305) Double Jeopardy – People start paying for their past sins no matter their circumstances. One of these of course is Duke because well he’s has the most trouble in his past and well his present too. Regardless Audrey helps Duke solve this issue while Nathan is getting closer to the Guard and meeting the other members after he helps Jordan with a favour. This was more of the typical Haven episode that we are used to.

Verdict: Record it!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars :: Cartoon Network, Saturdays @ 9:30am

Episode (504) The Soft War – Steela and the other rebels of Onderon are fighting back successfully against the Droid Army of the Separatist’s. The battle continues on but they find out that the rightful leader King Dendup is going to be executed. They plan to rescue the King but but those plans go slightly awry but in the end things work out to some degree.

Verdict: Watch it!

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well that’s it for this time. Post any comments about the shows this week or my thoughts on them below.

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