The nice thing about working at Geek Hard is I am among my peers.

And by peers I mean folks my own age.

Now, I’m not incredibly old (despite what my body tells me from time to time) but sometimes it feels like it.

I’ve been a nerd since D&D 2nd Edition.  I bought comics at a convenience store for years. Now, you’d be hard pressed to find them there (beyond Archie and it’s incredible supermarket marketshare). Nerds are now an accepted part of popular culture; Big Bang Theory, The Avengers, Wreck-It Ralph, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a S.H.I.E.L.D. television show, Kirby Krackle. Nerd culture is everywhere. I can buy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle t-shirts at HMV in both comic book and 80’s cartoon variations.

There are multiple versions of Captain Britain as an action figure.

And at the same time that I’m getting older, I’m getting more… responsible?

My girlfriend and I own a house. We both have jobs and responsibilities both financial and non-financial.

Does there come a time where you become too old to be a nerd?

Leigh Hart asked this question over at Comic Book Daily. She’s a couple of years younger then I am but in a similar spot in her life that I am and neither of us even have kids. Is there a time that I should hang up the old dice bag and read the paper every Saturday and laugh at Family Circus?


Yeah, you have to adjust things, no one really wants to be that guy living with their parents at 45, surrounded by toys and no girlfriend but there’s no reason you have to quit enjoying the things you love. Sometimes you just have to make time for it.

Take table top RPGs for instance.

I’ve played RPGs for years and with a few of the same people on a fairly regular basis. From D&D to Rifts to Vampire: The Masquerade, we’ve played through dozens of systems, hundred of battles and more than a few character deaths but the biggest obstacle we have now is getting together. Between jobs, kids and distance, it’s incredibly hard to play in a long term game. We tried using Skype but it’s not the same as sitting down at the same table and making fun of your buddy’s elf.

So we kind of switched gears.

Instead of trying to play weekly or even monthly, we play when we can, usually one shot games that will go for three or four hours interrupted only by dinner and the occasional changing of diapers.


I still play video games. I just don’t devote as much time to them. I still grab comics but I make a night of it. Go to Big B after work, grab dinner and read them. I still get action figures but I just get a few, not the entire series.

I guess for me, yes, I’m getting older and yes, I have responsibilities but damn it, I’m still going to see Avengers 2 opening weekend. I just might have to go to the early show.

It’s all about doing what you enjoy and making time for you passions but also having enough sense to space it out with everything else in your life.

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!


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