This column each week, is to help you picking some books that we think look and sound interesting. Both Andrew and I are going to make some selections that we hope you try out and enjoy. Now this will probably lead to some name calling or fist fights at some point but this is not about which company is better or my general dislike for all things Marvel. No, we want to suggest some titles you may not be reading today but you might like if you did. By the way, there is no order to this list at all so deal with it.

New Books Released: 11/07/12

CREATOR OWNED HEROES #6 $3.99 (Image) This series continues to be one of my favourites. With Palmiotti and Gray’s new story, Killswitch, along with Steve Niles’ Black Sparrow, a new monthly strip from Darwyn Cooke and all the bonus content (interviews, how-to articles, etc.), it’s the most bang for your buck on the comic shelves. (Andrew) 

FLASH HC VOL 01 MOVE FORWARD (N52) $24.99 (DC Comics) This will make a great Christmas or birthday gift for a comic fan.  Collected in this hardcover is the first 8 issues of The Flash series written and drawn by Francis Manapul. While I was not the biggest fan of the Mob Rule story arc, I can’t argue with the intent of the story: The reintroduction of Barry Allen in the New 52. Also, Manapul really hits it of out of the park with his art in each issue, especially in many of the splash page designs he did. (Mr. Green)

AVENGERS ACADEMY #39 $2.99 (Marvel) It saddens me that this will be the last time I will be able to recommend this book. This marks the final issue of the series. Christos Gage and all the artists that worked on this book delivered some solid super-team storytelling and really did a great job of making you care about these young unknowns. Always well thought out and entertaining, it is a series that I wished more folks checked out. Grab up the last issue for a taste of awesome. (Andrew) 

DEADWORLD WAR OF THE DEAD TP $19.99 (IDW) I picked this because it sounds cool. Earth has been overrun with zombies and a small group struggles to hang on. But now that King Zombie is coming for them, they are about to unleash the only weapon they have left, an experiment gone wrong… the Lepers. (Mr. Green)

SCOTT PILGRIM COLOR HC VOL 02 $24.99 (Oni Press) The series continues with it’s color reprint adventure! Book two takes us deeper into the “fight against the 7 evil exes” and introduces Lucas Lee and Todd (Boyfriends 2 and 3). For those that have never read it, it’s a wild ride worth checking out. And for those that have, IT’S IN COLOR, DUDE! (Andrew) 

MANHATTAN PROJECTS #7  $3.50 (Image) Andrew and I have many books that we say we’ll always pimp and this is one of those books for me. Jonathan Hickman to me is always at his best when messing with history to tell his stories. Here we have that… his version of what really was going on at the Manhattan Project. Well under it at least. (Mr. Green)

DC COMICS THE SEQUENTIAL ART OF AMANDA CONNER HC $29.99 (DC Comics) Amanda Conner is one of my favourite artists out there and always delivers drawings that are packed with fun. Check some of her sequential art in this new DC Hardcover. (Andrew) 

DAREDEVIL END OF DAYS #2 $3.99 (Marvel) I am not a Marvel fan yet for some reason, I picked up issue one. Maybe it had to do with the pitch I heard David Mack give about it but I digress. The first issue really sets you on your ass, showing you this is not the Daredevil comic you have been reading over the years. This is what happens at the end. One part Citizen Kane and all parts awesome you should be reading this. You’re not? Were you dropped on your head as a small child? (Mr. Green)

IRON MAN #1 $3.99 (Marvel) The latest Marvel Now title. This one’s by Kieron Gillen and Greg Land and will focus on Tony trying to stop the Extremis Techno-virus from falling into the wrong hands. If you guessed that involves making a new suit of armor to do so, you’d be right.  (Andrew) 

STORM DOGS #1 $3.50 (Image) Science fiction crime thriller? Yep I’m on board. A team goes to a frontier planet to investigate some grisly deaths and soon are faced with other questions about themselves. This is the kind of story that I really can get into when done well. It’s only a 6 issue mini so check it out. (Mr. Green)

So there you go. Check these books out and let us what you thought. Did we help you discover something new or did you really hate it? Either way at least you tried a new title out and experienced something new. And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Daredevil End of Days #2