This week’s show is SO GOOD, we’re keeping it in house.

Don’t miss this Friday’s show, which is an exclusive podcast for, where we’ll be geeking harder than we have in very long time. First up, we get our Bond on as we review the latest 007 film, Skyfall, directed by Sam Mendes. This is the third Bond film starring Daniel Craig and this time he’s got his hands full with Javier Bardem. Will this be the best Bond film since the Connery era? Or will it harken back to the dissapointment that was the Pierce Brosnan films? Find out as we give our top secret review on this Friday’s show.

We also talk comics as Andrew mourns the falling of a great series. Avengers Academy came to an end this Month and we take a look back on the comic and it’s best storylines and plots. Listen as Andrew gives the eulogy he wishes he would never have to give. Tears will be shed and darkness will fall upon our humble radio show. Don’t miss this rousing tribute.

But hey, we also liven things up a bit by talking about dead people! Walking Dead people that is. The¬†Walking Dead¬†is a handful of episodes into this season and there’s lots to talk about. The pacing’s been fast and the action faster. We come to bury the dead of this show as we look at some of the most exciting episodes currently on television. There’s also Mr. Green’s thoughts on the actors playing Michonne and The Govenor. For a detailed analysis of Season 3 so far, check out the show this Friday.

All this, plus the news and reviews that you’ve come to expect, right here on Geek Hard. Listen to a special exclusive podcast that will be posted this Friday at 7pm Eastern. It’s just like listening to us live….except you go to our website instead of the radio station’s, it’s not live, and you pause it. Other than that, it exactly the same!

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!


Is the Sky falling? Or is it just another Bond film? Listen this Friday to find out.