This week, we keep it all to ourselves….AGAIN!

Don’t miss this Friday’s show, an exclusive podcast at where we go upward and onward in search of True Believers! Andrew and Mr. Green will be taking a look at With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story, which hit DVD and VOD last week. It advertises an in-depth look at the mind and history of a man who has been touted as the father of our modern mythology. Will this documentary leave no stone unturned? Or will it give us the Stan’s Soapbox version? Find out this Friday with our review.

Also on the program, Andrew gets in the wayback machine and visits an important time in Wrestling History: The Attitude Era. But don’t worry. He didn’t get lost in time. He’s just been playing the new WWE ’13 Video game which came out at the end of October. Andrew has been spending most of his free time playing this game and he’s ready to give his two cents on the Attitude Era Story Mode, the Game Play, and the unlockable characters within. It’s gonna be a slobber-knocker!


But that’s not All! Mr. Green will also have a review or two to entertain you. Whether it’s television, movies or comics, Mr. Green’s got something to say about it. Find out exactly what this is this Friday!

All this. plus the news and reviews that you’ve come to expect, right here on Geek Hard. Listen to an exclusive podcast this Friday, right here on Kick off your shoes after a long hard Black Friday and relax to some geektastic goodness!

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Face Front True Believers….and don’t miss our review of this Stan Lee Doc!