In our third installment of “Gifts for the ______ Nerd”, we look at toys for you nerds out there. After all, for the most part, everyone reading this grew up asking for toys for Christmas and now some of you are probably still asking for toys. In this post, I’m going to give you ideas based on toys and statues I think are awesome. Hopefully you might find something in here for that geek in your life.

Marvel Universe Figures (Hasbro)


I’ve posted about these guys before and they are awesome. Marvel’s 3.75 line of figures is probably the most varied and in my opinion, awesome line of super hero figures since the DC Super Powers line. If there is a character you like in the Marvel Universe, it has probably been made into a figure in this line.  If it hasn’t, it’s probably on it’s way. For instance, the latest addition to my collection? Remember that issue of Spider-Man (Amazing Spidey #258) where Reed Richards is examining Parker’s new alien black suit and gives Peter a set of Johnny Storm’s tights and a paper bag to get home? While he is a little rare, that version of Spider-Man is a figure. Adam Warlock has a figure. Doctor Strange has at least two with one of which being an astral projection version. They’ve done large sized figures of Galactus and Sentinels. If you are looking for a good gift or stocking stuffer for the toy collector and Marvel fiend on your Nice list, you can probably find it in this line.

Predator (Neca series)

I love the film Predator, I enjoy Predator 2… er… I saw AvP and AvP 2… I loved Predators. Neca has been releasing really awesome Predator figures over the past few years. Lots of articulation and a metric ton of detail, I currently only have a few of these in the house but Neca just released images of a Dutch figure that is a must have when it becomes available.



Robocop with spring loaded holster (Neca)

Once again from the fine folks at Neca. What really sells me on this particular figure is not just the sculpt that any Robocop fan would love on their shelf but also the fact that it has a spring loaded leg holster for Robocop’s gun. How awesome is that?






AT AT Walker (Hasbro)

While I’m a big Star Wars fan, I don’t really have much in the way of the toys (partially cause I like food and I have to save some money) but I saw this sucker at Toys R Us and I have to admit, it’s incredibly cool. And not only is the toy awesome but the retro packaging that it comes with it is really well done. There is also a Millennium Falcon in the same line that’s also pretty sweet but for me, if I had to pick one, the AT AT is the one I’d go with.



Bowen Designs statues (any of them)

I’m lucky enough to have Bowen Designs pieces in my home. I have an amazing Grendel Prime statue that I got myself many years ago which I love… in almost an unhealthy way… and I recently picked up a Moon Knight mini-bust. While there are tons of companies now making these statues and busts, Bowen Designs is a great mark of quality and if you find the character statue for the person you are buying for with the Bowen Designs logo on the box, no need to second guess, your friend will love it.





Shaolin Cowboy figure (Wednesday’s Finest)

This one is a little personal I guess as from previous posts, you already know that I love the character of Shaolin Cowboy. But in all honesty, everything I’ve read and seen about this figure just fills me with confidence. The figure looks great and it was made with Geof Darrow’s close involvement. I’m curious to see what the other paint scheme looks like (the first 100 are painted as shown. The rest of the limited edition wIll be a different set). Wednesday’s Finest is a new company and given what they’ve done so far, I really want this to do well so we get to see what else they have up their sleeves.



Heroes Force

Now this goes into the good figure/good deed department. If you’ve gone to any Ontario toy shows in the past little while, you’ve probably seen Heroes Force creator Shannon Thibodeau selling these figures. Based off actual Canadian soldiers and a dollar from each figure sold goes to Soldier On Fund which helps injured soldiers and families of those we lost. Being the grandson of a career military man (as well as my other grandfather serving in WWII), I love the idea behind this.




Next week, our final shopping guide helping you to geek out and geek out HARD this holiday season!


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