We’re getting down to crunch time my friends. Hopefully this week’s list can top you up for those last minute gifts.  This week I’ve got something for every type of nerd on your list… including me… you know if you want to get me something… I’ve been good this year and I’ve provided you with nearly a year of columns for your entertainment, I deserve a little something don’t I?

Alien Anthology (blu ray)

I picked up this baby a few weeks ago when Amazon was blowing them out at a ridiculously low price (with shipping from the US it came to 20 bucks and as of this writing it was still on for half price which is still pretty solid). As you know I’m a big fan of these films (more so the first 2 but I do enjoy… 3… and Resurrection was…um… er…). Each film has been remastered for blu ray with an incredible picture. It also has every extra from the previous DVD incarnations of the anthology (including the previous documentaries on each of the films, Alien 3‘s being one of my favorites from a pure interest stand point) but there’s also an a few added extras including a new MU-TH-UR viewing mode and deleted scenes from the “making of” documentaries on the disc.  This is a blu ray must have.


Cards Against Humanity

My favorite card game of the past few years. The best and easiest way to describe it is that it’s kind of like Balderdash… for horrible, horrible people. It’s quick, easy to learn and makes for a good hour or two of fun… although you may decide not to be friends with some of the people you’re playing with after. Now you can either download and make the game yourself (the site suggests it would cost around $10 bucks) or your can buy an actual set for $25. I suggest buying it for the family and playing it on Christmas Eve.



Hellboy Library Editions

My girlfriend got me the first volume a few years ago and I fell in love with her just a little bit more. Hellboy is one of my favorite comics and while I had most of the series in trade paperback, up grading to these hardcovers is like going from DVD on a small tv to 1080p on a 52 inch screen. Mignola’s art deserves this large scale format and it includes everything from the older trades in terms of sketchbook sections.





Lone Wolf & Cub Complete Film Collection (blu ray)

I cannot explain how much I want this set. It’s the complete original Lone Wolf & Cub film series (not the edited Shogun Assassin versions). All 6 films on blu ray. JOY!  I love samurai flicks and these have been sort of out of print for a while…. SAMURAI!






Star Wars Art: Comics (Art Book)

Another gift from the little lady, this is a great gift for those who like Star Wars and those who like comic art. Tons of illustrations, paintings, as well as scans of the original black and white art work. I spent a majority of Christmas day last year flipping through this.







Original Art, Sketches and Prints

Okay, this one is a little wide in spectrum and might be hard to pull of last minute but I figured I’d put it in there so you can save up and maybe do it next year. Original art and sketches are a great way to get a personnel sort of gift that they can show off to everyone year round. Now depending on your friend’s tastes, this can run anywhere from a hundred bucks to a few thousand but at the same time, it’s something a little different. Prints are usually much more affordable. You see a couple examples from the lady and I’s collection (and as a plug, the Lovely Jill Thompson did that great Little Death sketch you see there). And as a bonus, if you’re a jerk like me, you get the sketch at a con like Fan Expo and you can taunt the person you’re buying for that you’ve had their gift for months.

And that’s it for the gift guides from me. I hope this helps you out a little bit. Next week I return with my fifty second regular column, which means I’ve been doing this for almost a year.

Thank you readers for a great year of Geeking Out and Geeking Hard!

Happy Holidays to all!

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