Hey folks. Andrew Young here. It’s another week for New Comics and it appears that I’ll be providing this week’s picks on my own. Mr. Green’s taking a bit of a break from the show for the next month, so starting next week there will be a guest contributor joining me to suggest what comics to buy any given week. But, as I said, I’ll be flying solo this week. So here goes.

By the way, there is no order to this list at all so deal with it.

To Hell You Ride #1

TO HELL YOU RIDE #1 $3.99 (Dark Horse) This is a new title that is dripping with geek cred. Not only is it a hybrid Horror Western but it’s also written by Lance Henriksen. It’s the story of a small town that’s been cursed. The victims’ flesh are melted from their bodies. It’s a violent revenge of four warrior spirits’ whose burial ground is disturbed due to the work of greedy gold miners. Joining Lance on the writing chores is Joseph Maddrey with art provided by Tom Mandrake. This one looks like it’s gonna be bad-ass.

AVENGERS ARENA #1 $2.99 (Marvel) Marvel Now treks on and with it comes a new number one. This one involves a lot of the newer, younger characters of the Marvel Universe, including some of my favs from the recently cancelled Avengers Academy. This time, it’s every hero for himself as the villain Arcade pits these kids against each other in a Battle Royale/Hunger Games like contest. Don’t know if this book will be anywhere near as good as Academy was or if it will last long but I aim to find out.

POINT OF IMPACT #3 $2.99 (Image) This mini series has been a real surprise for me. It’s a story of murder and mystery that is told from multiple perspectives. When a woman is thrown off a building and finds eternal rest as pancake on the sidewalk below, there are many questions and not a whole lot of answers. It’s a gritty story that’s enhanced by black and white artwork. An intense ride.

Avengers Assemble #10

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #10 $3.99 (Marvel) I can’t believe that a few months ago, I was thinking of dropping this book. But then Kelly Sue Deconnick comes along and brings some excitement back to this title. The second part of the current arc involves a gentleman’s bet between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. They’ve gone up to the arctic to check on a science expedition that went off the grid. Each has a tag partner for this affair – Thor with Iron Man, Spider Woman with Hulk – and the first to find the science team wins. But things have gone horribly wrong. Can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

PARKER THE HUNTER SC $17.99 (IDW) If you missed out on the hardcover a few years back or the special edition that came out last year, now’s your chance to check out Darwyn Cooke’s graphic novel adaptation of the Richard Stark Classic Crime Noir novel. Parker is a man on a mission of revenge. He was robbed by his partners and left for dead. Now he’s come back for his money and he won’t take no for an answer. The greatest adaptation of the source material in any medium.

DAREDEVIL BY MARK WAID TP VOL 02 $15.99 (Marvel) Last year it was deemed by almost everyone that Daredevil was the book of the year. This year has been no different. Catch up on the issues you may have missed of the best single hero book on the stands today. This one covers issues 7 to 10, 10.1 and Amazing Spiderman 677. Not only is there a fight with the Moleman, appearances and team ups with Spidey and Black Cat, but there’s also an awesome Christmas tale involving Matt Murdock trying to lead a group of blind kids to safety during a blizzard in the catskills. Fantastic characterization, great plots and breathtaking art by Paolo Rivera, Khoi Pham and Emma Rios. Definitely makes a great Christmas Gift.

It Girl and the Atomics #5

IT GIRL & THE ATOMICS #5 $2.99 (Image) If you’ve checked out our suggestions before, you know that I’ve been loving this new series. It Girl has always been my favourite character from the Atomics, the second string superteam from the pages of Madman. She’s feisty and this series shows off that feisty-ness. Written by Jamie S. Rich with art by Mike Norton and a cover by It Girl creators Mike and Laura Allred. If you’re looking for a comic that’s pure fun, this book is for you.

GI JOE #20 $3.99 (IDW) The Target: Snake-Eyes storyline has been another fine example of the amazing work that Chuck Dixon and company have done with the Real American Hero. This title is always a treat. Scarlett and Main Frame have both had some great moments this past year in the book and I hope it keeps up.

WINTER SOLDIER #13 $2.99 (Marvel) The time is ticking down on Ed Brubaker’s time at Marvel. The penultimate issue of his run on this book is arriving this week with part 4 of the Widow Hunt storyline. Brubaker made Bucky a A-Lister and we should all try to enjoy this second last issue of a great story.

BECOMING GN (MR) $14.95 (Arcana Studios) This is one of those books where after reading the synopsis, I became very intrigued. The story is about a student at a small university who has come to the realization that many students come to: His years of study don’t really have any practical applications in the real world. So he challenges his professor to teach him something “real”. What follows is a deadly game where his life is on the line and the only guarantee is that there will be suffering and nothing can be truly learned until you have nothing left to lose. This one comes from Arcana Studios who I’ve enjoyed more than a few of their past projects. I definitely think this one is worth checking out.

So there you go. Check these books out and let us what you thought. Check back here next week where I will be joined by a special guest and we’ll have more picks for you.

And if you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Winter Soldier #13